Information sought on members of the Regina Rifles

Below are lists derived from a variety of sources listing members of the Regina Rifles at various times in during the war.  They have primarily been collected to show Company assignments and other related information indicating roles within the unit.

Nominal Roll

This list is as close as it is currently possible to come to a complete roll of all men who served with the Battalion during the Second World War.  It was originally created by the Regimental Historian, Major D. G. Scott Calder, manually transcribed from Part II Orders.  It was preserved due to the efforts of Major Keith Inches at the Saskatchewan Military Museum, and has recently been transcribed into electronic format by Eleanor Swan, another Regina Rifles researcher.  Additional Part II Orders data transcribed by Kevin Lambie.

Nominal Roll A-D            Nominal Roll E-K            Nominal Roll L-Q            Nominal Roll R-Z

D-Day Embarkation Lists

These lists are derived from documents maintained by Canadian Section, GHQ 2nd Echelon, 21 Army Group and listing all of those who embarked in the UK for Operation Overlord and who disembarked in France on 6 June, 1944.  Determining which list belongs to which Company has been done primarily through the matching of names of those known to be in particular Coys (based on other sources).  In the case of C Coy, there is other documentation identifying them as the sub-unit that boarded on 1 June.

Note that in all cases, these lists are a general rather than a precise way of determining which Coy a man was in.  Large numbers of those embarking on a given day would have been from Support or Headquarters Companies, going ashore in support of a particular Rifle Company.  A significant number of men would also have remained back in order to bring extra equipment ashore in the days following the landing.  For reference, a Rifle Company would normally include 5 Officers and 122 Other Ranks.

Embarked 1 June: C Coy and supporting personnel aboard MV Llangibby Castle (11 Ofc and 156 OR's)

Embarked 2 June: B Coy and supporting personnel (6 Ofc and 194 OR's)

Embarked 3 June: A and D Coys and supporting personnel (17 Ofc and 367 OR's)

Embarked 4 June: Headquarters Increment (2 Ofc and 5 OR's)

Embarked 13-15 June: Miscellaneous troops (1 Ofc and 31 OR's)

Embarked 1 July: Miscellaneous troops, especially 2 Platoon (54 OR's)

1943/44 Photographs

Photographs of all companies from late 1943 or early 1944, prior to the invasion.  Another researcher has more accurate information on dates and has had success in attaching names to many in these photographs.  In time, I hope to include this information here as well.  Photos are all about 2 MB in size, so will take a few moments to display.

A Company

B Company

C Company

D Company

Support Company

HQ Company

Battalion HQ