Information Sought

This page is a very temporary location for the names of Regina Rifles casualties for which information from friends or family is sought.  Until a more refined set of links can be created, this page will also be used to maintain links to other sources of information on Regina Rifles veterans.  Please contact me if you can provide any information on the family, background or service of any of these men.

The search for information stems from a very small part I was able to play in the collection of information for the recently published book Age Shall Not Weary Them: Saskatchewan Remembers its War Dead, by Bill Barry, with Doug Chisolm and Beth Parsons.  While we were able to track down much useful information, we hit some dead ends on a number of Saskatchewan boys who died while serving with the Johns.  We are hopeful that we can uncover information on some of these men and post it here.  In a handful of cases, we were able to obtain information after the deadline for the publication of the book.  That information will be included here as well.

L64502 Rfn Michael Joseph Bokitch

L8989 Rfn Andrew Bonville (or Bonneville)

L107422 Rfn Robert Smith Cumming

L28053 Rfn Bill Andrew Daniels

Lt James Priest Fawley

L610682 Rfn John Martin Flatt

L27134 Sjt John William Hamer

L27966 Rfn James Lawrence Stanley Hodgson

L27445 L/Cpl James Chester Kellogg

H10790 Rfn Bernard Koop

L28369 Rfn John Leskiw

L6046 Cpl George Henry Lobban*

L23038 Sjt Glen Robert MacDonald* - buried in Naples, Italy

Lt Edward Sampson McQuaid

L27125 Cpl Allan Munro

L55233 Rfn Raymond Morse Nelson

L27495 Cpl Gerald William Noonan

L609660 Rfn Thomas Joe Parkunow

L2922 Rfn Peter Paul

L27557 Rfn Walter Peat

L27969 Rfn John Perry

L27732 Rfn Arthur Price

L28167 Rfn Max Schneider

K50835 L/Cpl Frank Nicholas Sekulich

L28180 Rfn Joseph Serwatkewich

L105181 Rfn Harry Eugene Small

L103521 Rfn James Walter Joseph Sweeney

L27406 Rfn Donald Thomas

L27244 Rfn Eric Charles Vincent

L64164 Rfn Frederick Gustave Weber

* have found some info

L102708 Rfn Stanley Herbert Cole - an account of a trip by family members to Cole Lake, named in honour of Rfn SH Cole.