Nominal Roll E-K

A complete roll of all those who served with 1st Battalion, Regina Rifles between 1 June 1940 and 7 November 1945.  This listing of 4280 men is as complete as possible from surviving records, though the possibility of minor errors or omissions cannot be ruled out.  There is other information associated with many of these names, but additional transcription is required to make this available on this site.

Data from 1941 to 1945 originally transcribed from Part II Orders by the Regimental Historian, Major (ret) D.G. Scott Calder, ED in 1962.  Preserved at the Saskatchewan Military Museum thanks to Major (ret) C. Keith Inches, CD.  Transcribed to digital format by Eleanor Swan.  Data from 1940 to 1941 compiled by Kevin Lambie.

Note that this roll has not been verified against other sources, so discrepancies are possible.

+ Indicates Killed in Action or Died in service, not necessarily with the Regina Rifles.

* Indicates Wounded

# Indicates landed on D-Day

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L533415 Rfn Earlenback, F.C.F.      
L106891 Rfn Easterbey, R.A.      
L27844 Rfn Easterby, Eugene George *    
L27849 Rfn Easterby, Leroy Howard +   #  
Lieut Eastwood, D.      
L102552 Rfn Eberts, S.J.      
L608647 Rfn Eckert, A.H.      
B119511 Rfn Eckhardt,C.V.      
L103916 Rfn Eddy, G.H. * #  
L28057 Rfn Edenoste, Henry      
L28051 Rfn Edinborough, Alfred Leonard * #  
B131146 Rfn Edmondson, J.H.      
B117051 Rfn Edwards, L.R. *    
Lieut Edwards, Neil R.      
L106176 Rfn Edwards, R. *    
L27140 Rfn CSM Edwards, Walter Arthur  MID Bronze Cross(Holland) #  
L27610 Rfn L/Cpl Edwards, William Henry  CdeG(France) * #  
B77691 Rfn Edwardson, J.W. * #  
Rfn Cpl Lieut Eggleston, Bruce Ward * # Enlisted as L27303
H10196 Rfn Eirikson, E.T. * #  
L27083 Rfn Eklund, Lloyd Erikson      
H17817 Rfn Ekman, A. LeR.      
L27756 Rfn L/Cpl Ekman, Douglas George  MM **    
L606756 Rfn Ekstrom, C.A.      
M50499 Rfn Elder, N.A. *    
H20664 Rfn Elders, James +                           !   #  
L27863 Rfn Eldred, Donald Evert      
L607500 Rfn Ell, P.J.      
L108979 Rfn Ellenor, M.J.      
B118990 Rfn Ellerby, D.S. **    
L104855 Rfn Ellerman, O.C.      
H1575 Rfn Elliot, K.W.      
L106889 Rfn Elliott, C.H.      
L27716 Rfn Cpl Elliott, Edward Leon      
M17538 Rfn Elliott, J.      
K63072 Rfn Ellis, G.      
L27768 Rfn Ellis, Glen      
L603090 Rfn Ellis, W.C.      
L27442 Rfn Ellis, William Henry * #  
K4670 Rfn Emery, E.L.      
K66213 Rfn Emery, G.H. *    
L27596 Rfn Emperingham, Eric Edgar      
L27595 Rfn Emperingham, George Henry      
H20573 Rfn Empey, G.D. * #  
G1346 Rfn England, A.G. *    
L108563 Rfn Ennis, R.L.      
C118631 Rfn Eno, B.G. *    
L104343 Rfn Ens,J. * #  
L609651 Rfn Enstrom,E.K.      
L68042 Rfn Epp, Peter Benjamin +      
L28300 Rfn Eppy, William John      
L28029 Rfn Erdelyan, Shelten Jack      
L27973 Rfn Erdman, Adelor Charles      
L27909 Rfn Erdman, Clyde Oliver      
L27921 Rfn Erdman, Edward Ralphel      
L27905 Rfn (A/Cpl) Erdman, Raymond Charles      
M7427 Rfn Erickson, E. **    
L27813 Rfn Ericson, Barney Richard      
K182 Rfn Erikson, K.O.      
L28121 Rfn Eros, Paul Gasue      
M103330 Rfn Erricson, E.W. *    
L27167 Rfn Escaravage, Louis Anthony * #  
H103266 Rfn Essie, H. * #  
L103144 Rfn Ethier, R.A.      
L600011 Rfn Eurich,D.      
K51818 Rfn Evans, B.S.      
L106672 Rfn Evans, D.R.J.      
L155546 Rfn Evans, Donald J. +                       !      
G17195 Pte Evans, R.E. (RCASC)      
M31288 Rfn Evans, Tegwin +      
L13329 Rfn Evenden, A.J. *    
L27299 Rfn Evenson, Chester Marvin      
L27293 Rfn Evenson, Lloyd Harold      
L27330 Rfn Evjen, Erich (Erick?) * #  
L10187 Sgt Evoy, Elmer Milton  MM & Bar      
Lieut Evoy, H.E.      
L28201 Rfn Ewalk, Walter Joseph      
L27128 Rfn Ewanochko, Michael  + *    
L51078 Rfn Ewert, H.      
L609556 Rfn Faber, C.F.      
L106712 Rfn Fairbairn, Alfred D. +      
K74574 Cpl Fairbairn, Henry Templeman +      
G1069 Rfn Fairweather, R.E. **    
L108527 Rfn L/Cpl Fairweather, William Arthur      
Mr Fairwell, R. (Aux Service)      
L27236 Rfn Falcon, Angus      
L27153 Rfn Falcon, Harvey Victor      
L27154 Rfn Falcon, Henry ** #  
L532015 Rfn Falcone, D. (RCASC)      
L27336 Rfn Falconer, Blaine      
L27664 Rfn Sgt Falhun, Isadore Louis  +   #  
L105480 Rfn Farnel, W.J.M.      
G1366 Rfn Farquharson, J.A. *    
L27358 Rfn Farquharson, Thomas Sellar      
L93670 Cpl Fast, Walter Herman +      
L7656 Rfn Faulkner, L.G.      
L106761 Rfn Faure, I.E.      
Lieut Fawley, James Priest  +                 !      
L28329 Rfn Fayant, James Arthur      
L28237 Rfn Fayant, Joseph      
L28265 Rfn Fayant, Marshall Alexander      
L28296 Rfn Fayant, Wilfred * #  
L101862 Rfn Fedczyszyn, S.      
L64943 Rfn Fedun, P      
L103929 Rfn Fehr, J. * #  
L27230 Rfn (Pte) Feica, Thomas Martin (RCASC)   #  
L466360 Rfn Feldbrugge, W.F.      
L603673 Rfn Fellman, V.G.      
M60542 Rfn Fennell, H. *    
L27894 Rfn Fenwick, Roland      
L27145 Rfn Ferguson, Frank Gordon  +      
L67854 Rfn Ferguson, J.K.      
Capt Ferris, William Frederick      
K5449 Rfn Fesuk, W.      
L602622 Rfn Feuchuk, W.      
L74141 Rfn Fiddler, E.      
L27829 Rfn Fiddler, John Theodore *    
L27915 Rfn Fidler, Cecil  +      
L27984 Rfn Fidler, Frederick Alexander      
H398 Rfn Fidler, H. *    
L602869 Rfn Fidyk, M.      
L106268 Rfn Field, W.B.      
M17225 Rfn Fife, L.E. * #  
L28379 Rfn Figgit, Wilfred Charles      
L27053 Rfn Filleul, Alfred George   * #  
L62790 Sgt Finch, A.E.      
H70514 Cpl Finch, R.L. * #  
L107920 Rfn Fines, W.J.      
H204513 Rfn Finlay, M.R.      
G60987 Rfn Finley, William Lindsay +      
H9607 L/Cpl Finner, Russell L. +   #  
H102854 Rfn Finnson, F.S. ** #  
H20383 Rfn Firby, H.E. * #  
L103601 Rfn Firth, R.J.      
L28003 Rfn Fisher, Frank B.      
L27180 Rfn Fisher, Harvey Joseph      
M31780 Rfn Fisher, J.C. ** #  
L27333 Rfn Fisher, Joseph      
M104859 Rfn Fisher, M.A.      
2 Lieut Lieut Fitzmaurice, Maurice Douglas Alban      
L12875 Rfn Fitzpatrick, James M. E. +   #  
L27927 Rfn Fjeld, Arnold      
L27855 Rfn Flaherty, Daniel Joseph      
L27273 Rfn Flamant, Louis Alside      
L108017 Rfn Flamant, R.A.      
L67293 Rfn Flammand, Joseph +   #  
L105132 Rfn Flanagan, G.L.      
L154331 Rfn Flatekval, E.A.      
L610682 Rfn Flatt, John Martin +      
L27171 Rfn Flavell, Cyril Eric      
L608548 Rfn Flegel, J.      
L28311 Rfn Fleming, Ernest Clayton  +   #  
K48982 Rfn Flese, W. * #  
B76805 Pte Fletcher, D.W. Aux Serv      
H9151 Rfn Flett, D.E. *    
L27865 Rfn L/Sgt Fleury, Conrad Rene  +   #  
L28268 Rfn Fleury, Harry      
H14046 Rfn Fofonoff, P.      
L27676 Rfn Folster, David      
Lieut Fontaine, J.L.      
H103900 Rfn Foord, E. * #  
L155766 Rfn Foraie, J.J.      
Lieut Forbes, D.R. *    
M7552 Rfn Ford, R.A. *    
L36901 Rfn Forester, A.G. *    
G2111 Rfn Forgrave, T.J. **    
L27447 Rfn Forman, Robert William      
L609012 Rfn Forrieter, H.L.      
L27805 Rfn Forster, George Edward      
L27325 Rfn Forster, Matthew      
L100479 Rfn Fortner, H.W.      
L27465 Rfn Cpl Fortner, Ray Liellien  MID   #  
P4560 Sgt Forward, John Charles +                ! *    
Lieut Foster, Colin      
M36372 Rfn Foster, H.D.      
Mr Foster, J.E. (Aux Service)      
L93671 Rfn Fotheringham, Fred N.      
L27655 Rfn Foulds, Walter * #  
Lt Col Foulkes, Charles      
L608835 Rfn Fourney, J.P. *    
C118627 Rfn Fourney, R.A. *    
L27452 Rfn Fournier, Laval      
L28054 Rfn Fournier, Napoleon      
Rfn S/Sgt Lieut Capt Fowle, Edward Arthur  MID     Enlisted as L27014
L101506 Rfn Fowlie, E.      
L28279 Rfn Frame, J.T.B. ** #  
L27372 Rfn Francey, Robert James      
L105718 Rfn Francis, R.A. * #  
L533724 Rfn Frankfurt, A.      
L28282 Rfn Franklin, William      
Mr Fraser, A.J (CLWS Aux Service)      
L51256 Rfn Fraser, J.D.      
L27437 Rfn Fraser, William Charles * #  
L27576 Rfn Freakley, Vernon Frederick * #  
K40139 Rfn Fred, E. *    
L28367 Rfn Frederick, Vincent      
L27652 Rfn Freeman, George Robert      
M44865 Rfn Freer, F.E.      
H45977 Rfn French, H.W.L. * $  
H103205 Rfn Frenette, L.L.T.W.      
L27477 Rfn Frey, Emel      
L27020 Rfn Frezza, John      
Rfn Cpl Lieut Friesen, Abe *   Enlisted as L27174
L65731 Rfn Friesen, P.E.      
L104055 Rfn Friess, A.      
L601808 Rfn Friess, H.C.      
L27874 Rfn Friske, Gustave Evart      
L27922 Rfn Friske, Henry      
L111515 Rfn Frohlick, A.W.      
H17107 Rfn From, E. *    
L465126 Rfn Frombach, A.      
L27675 Rfn L/Cpl (Rfn) Froom, James Alland  + * #  
L27662 Rfn Froom, Percy      
M5078 L/Sgt Fry, P. (RCE att)      
M30943 Rfn Fry, S.J.A.      
L105433 Rfn Fuchs, Frank Leo +   #  
L609490 Rfn Fuchs, R.D.      
B149369 Rfn Fulford, H. ***    
G4348 Rfn Fullarton, F.W. **    
L106210 Rfn Fuller, Charles R. +      
Lieut Fullerton, E.W.      
B148970 Rfn Funnell, D.W. *    
L27577 Rfn Fuoco, Charles      
L28372 Rfn Furgeson, Hilbert Charles      
L27446 Rfn Furniss, William Richard      
H1056 Rfn Gabor, Joseph Mitchell +      
L108976 Rfn Gade, H.      
C73687 Rfn Gage, V.R. *    
L603047 Rfn Gagne, R.      
L27444 Rfn Gale, Bertram Kelvin      
D128683 Cfn Galey, R.S. (RCEME)      
L27119 Rfn Gall, David Stuart      
G3956 L/Cpl Gallagher, Douglas Peter + *    
Lieut Gallagher, W.C.      
L27797 Rfn Gallant, Daniel St. Claire      
L27702 Rfn Gallant, Francis Joseph      
F56139 Rfn Gallant, Garnet Joseph +      
G4480 Rfn Gallant, L.C. *    
K1774 Rfn Galloway, Bradford J. + *    
M3859 Rfn Gamble, G.H. **    
L155810 Sgt Gamble, R.S.      
K2357 Rfn Game, F.E.      
H6817 Sgt Gardiner, George John  BEM (MD) * #  
L28256 Rfn Gardippie, David Frederick      
L27533 Rfn Gariepy, Edmund Philip      
L27088 Rfn Garlick, Wilfred Robert George      
Lieut Garner, John Gordon +   #  
K22029 Rfn Garrett, C.L.R. *    
L27403 Rfn Garrett, John Thomas *    
H17393 Rfn Garrioch, B.C.      
L27558 Rfn Garros, Ramon * #  
L27940 Rfn Garson, Charles      
L28211 Rfn Gartner, Jacob      
L27561 Rfn Gartner, Michael  +   #  
L28221 Rfn (Sgt) Gartnes, Jacob      
L27064 Rfn Garvin, Frances Edward      
K92293 Rfn Gaskell, H.D. *    
Rfn 2 Lieut Major Gass, Leonard Keith  CCC +     Enlisted as L27010
L60821 Rfn Gatzke, Kurt Heinz +      
L12819 Rfn Gaudry, L.      
L28006 Rfn Gaudry, Leonard      
L28361 Rfn Gauti, John * #  
L532938 Rfn Gawryluik, N.      
Lieut Gayner, Frank William  + *    
L532940 Rfn Gebauer, J.G.      
D6554 Rfn Geddie, W.A.      
F8819 Rfn Geddry, Enery L. +      
H102433 Rfn Geiger, R.J.      
L465027 Rfn Geissler, D.L.      
L102452 Rfn Gent, F. *    
L103347 L/Cpl Gent, R.F.      
H10085 Rfn George, A. *    
L27199 Rfn George, Lloyd      
L27811 Rfn Georgeson, Alton Clifford      
L28203 Rfn Geran, Lloyd      
L106084 Rfn Geran, N. **    
K1541 Rfn Gerard, R.H. **    
L28327 Rfn Gerber, William      
L27172 Rfn Sgt Gerdson, Gustaf Bertil Joop      
L27787 Rfn Gerein, Casper Victor      
L22500 L/Cpl Geres, F.J.      
L27434 Rfn Gergley, Andrew Zachary      
L600833 Rfn Gerhardt, J.      
L27514 Rfn Gerlock, David      
L154343 Rfn German, A.F. *    
L28323 Rfn Gerrie, James Gordon   #  
C63080 Rfn Gervais, J.H.      
L27310 Rfn Gervais, Louis      
L27314 Rfn Gervais, Patrick ***    
L27823 Rfn Gessner, John Albert *    
L22174 Rfn Getz, E.W.      
L24009 A/Sjt Gibb, W.G.      
K98252 Rfn Gibbons, B.W.   #  
L27130 Rfn L/Cpl Gibbs, Mervyn Shopland  +   #  
L100412 Rfn Gibney, C.A.       
L28264 Rfn Gies, Ralph Albert      
L108135 Rfn Giesbrecht, P.      
L64411 Cpl Gifford, John H. +   #  
A103144 Rfn Gignac, A.      
L27201 Rfn Gijnac, August      
B143684 Rfn Gilbank, Ernest Nelson +      
H1321 Rfn Gilchrist, A.      
Lt Col Gilday, T.P.      
H16629 Sgt Giles, G.E. **    
L27339 Rfn Giles, Shirley Paul      
L155518 Rfn Gill, W.J. **    
H103511 Rfn Gillespie, Glenn +      
L12106 Rfn Gillett, Harold William      
L27815 Rfn Gillies, George Nicoll      
B131847 Cpl Gillies, N. *    
L28178 Rfn Gilliland, Alfred  +      
L67850 Rfn Gillstrom, R.C.      
C118632 Rfn Gilmore, G. *    
L27398 Rfn Gilmour, Earl Albert      
H8252 Rfn Gilroy, W.L.      
L27584 Rfn L/Cpl Gilson, George      
L106467 Rfn Gipes, Lewis David + *    
L101082 Rfn Girard, R.R. *    
L27216 Rfn L/Cpl Girmschied, Philip Parker * #  
K45533 Rfn Giroux, Frederick Peter James +      
L28330 Rfn Gislason, Gudjon * #  
L28332 Rfn Gislason, Jon  +      
M102832 Rfn Gladue, C.      
L27866 Rfn Gladue, Frederick      
L102474 Rfn Glansberg, Maurice (Moses)+   #  
L608894 Rfn Glass, J.F.      
L102870 Rfn Glasspoole, A.J.S. *    
L107759 Rfn Glenn, W.J.      
Lieut Glew, C.S.     Enlisted as L17153
L27041 Rfn Glew, Gordon William  +     Killed in action with 1st Canadian Special Service Battalion 17 Aug 1944
L106658 Rfn Glover, B.A. *    
K40995 Rfn Glover, J.C. *    
B135034 Rfn Glowatzky, H.M.      
Lieut Godard, R.M.      
H195284 Cfn Goddard, E.W. (RCEME)      
L27397 Rfn Godfrey, Herbert Lawrence  +      
B136191 Rfn Godin, A. ***    
L27208 Rfn Goldsmith, Frederick Augustus      
L106228 Rfn Goldsney, F.O. ** #  
B143762 Pte Goldstein, J.E. (RCASC)      
L464233 Rfn Golinboski, W.      
L27207 Rfn Goll, Lawrence      
Capt (A/Major) Gollnick, A. L.      
D127723 Rfn Goodier, A.H.      
L108816 Rfn Goodwill, M.C.      
L28353 Rfn Goodwin, Lawrence Leslie      
L27582 Rfn L/Cpl Gordon, George Louis      
L27429 Rfn Gordon, Joseph      
M3653 Rfn Gordon, K.A. *    
L602871 Rfn Gorniak, P.      
L155995 Rfn Goski, J.J.      
K49402 Rfn Gough, T.J. *    
L27222 Rfn Gould, Christopher Richard      
L27311 Rfn Gouldhawke, Thomas Roland      
L27349 Rfn Cpl Goulding, Kenneth Thomas * #  
H10079 Rfn Goupil, R.      
Lieut Gourlay, J.      
L150531 Cpl Graf, T.J.      
L106526 Rfn Graham, E.L. *    
L27628 Rfn Graham, George Norman Robert      
L108758 Rfn Graham, R.J. *    
L27821 Rfn Graham, Roy Danicort      
L27548 Rfn Granberg, Elof * #  
L27113 Rfn L/Cpl Cpl Grant, John Campbell      
L7033 Rfn Grant, Peter      
B116646 Rfn Grant, R.R. *    
L107078 Rfn Gravel, J.D. *    
H20717 Rfn Graves, Raymond Wesley + * #  
C121357 Rfn Gray, C.L. **    
M17559 Rfn Gray, E.J.      
B148515 Rfn Gray, J.M. **    
Lieut Gray, K.A. *    
L104592 Rfn Gray, M.A.      
L28007 Rfn (L/Cpl) Gray, Norman Caswell * #  
Lieut Gray, R.H.A. **    
Lieut Grayson, William David  MC * #  
Rfn Sgt Lieut Green, Donald Wallace     Enlisted as L27352
L27812 Rfn Green, Edward John ** #  
L27904 Rfn Green, Ernest Lawrence   #  
L103468 Rfn Green, G.R. *    
L28341 Rfn Green, George Arthur Matthews      
L27289 Rfn Green, Harry William      
H195640 Rfn Green, J.F. *    
L28310 Rfn Green, Sydney Edwin      
L27622 Rfn Greentree, Russell George Charles * #  
L65450 Rfn Greer, J.A.      
L27659 Rfn Greer, John Nelson      
H18055 Rfn Gregoire, A. *    
Lieut Gregoire, J.A.      
L28185 Rfn Gregoirie, Valerie Joseph   #  
L105122 Rfn Gregorash, E.O.      
Lieut LtCol Gregory, Allan Stuart  DSO MID   #  
M106340 Rfn Gregory, M.R. * #  
H204665 Rfn Grest, D. *    
K4745 Rfn Gribbin, J.W.      
L105120 Rfn A/Cpl Grice, H.N.      
L28118 Rfn Grice, Vernon Lucas      
L27306 Rfn Grieve, Alexander James      
L155899 Rfn Grieves, H.V.      
L27638 Rfn Griffin, Charles Frederick * #  
L27532 Rfn Griffin, Roy William      
Capt Griffith, G.S. (RCAMC)      
L27124 Rfn Griffiths, Albert Arthur      
B157474 Rfn Grimes, J.M. *    
L27962 Rfn Grimm, Earl Frederick * #  
H40940 Rfn Grist, R.O.C.A.      
L104036 Rfn Griswold, George Frederick +   #  
L108169 Rfn Groff, G.H.      
H8238 Rfn Grogan, G.S.      
L101942 Rfn Gromnicki, Tony +   #  
2 Lieut Lieut Grosch David Duncan * #  
C118633 Rfn Grose, R. (RCASC) *    
H93678 Rfn Grosenick, A.W. *    
L608926 Rfn Gross, H.P.      
L608729 Rfn Gross, J.      
L106563 Rfn Grosschmig, S.S. *    
L105829 Rfn Groves, S.E. **    
L28177 Rfn Grunerud, Chester Frederick      
L102994 Rfn Grunwald, E.      
M2234 Rfn Gudmundson, J.      
L13410 Rfn Guenter, P. *    
L18079 Rfn Guest, J.I.      
L51501 Cpl Guest, Robert Cecil L. +      
L27120 Rfn Gugins, Cecil  Bronze Cross(Holland)   #  
D12327 Rfn Guild, L.P. *    
L601081 Rfn Guillet, H.J.B.      
H200090 Rfn Guilmett, O.J.     Guilmette
L105179 Rfn Gulka, M.J. *    
L532976 Rfn Gullason, J.D.      
L610068 Rfn Gullickson, O.H.      
K46894 Rfn Gunderman, W.J.      
L106224 Rfn Gunter, Harry William + *    
L27981 Rfn Gurney, Robert Joseph  +   #  
L106225 Rfn Gustafson, H.R. **** #  
L103884 Rfn Gustilov, William + *    
L27878 Rfn Haagenson, Clifford Pershing * #  
Rfn L/Cpl Lieut Haagenson, Philip Gordon     Enlisted as L27884
L603183 Rfn Haakonson, M.W.      
L27455 Rfn Haas, Hugh Louis   #  
K48890 Rfn Hadden, James William Dunbar +      
L155566 Rfn Haffner, H.      
L105026 Rfn Hagan, J.H. * #  
H16552 Rfn Hagen, G.O.      
L28240 Rfn Hager, Joseph Murray      
L106551 Rfn Hagerman, A.H.      
L464881 Rfn Hahn, D.      
L55377 Rfn Haidenger, P.M. * #  
L28363 Rfn Haight, John Perry *    
H195244 Rfn (Cpl) Haight, R.E. * #  
L108006 Rfn Halbauer, A.S. *    
L27323 Rfn Halcro, Frederick Arnold      
L105632 Rfn Halcro, L.G. * #  
L105831 Rfn Halcro, W.H. ** #  
C6316 Rfn Hale, E. **    
L11035 Rfn Halikowski, J.I. Adolph +      
F4955 Rfn (Cpl) Hall, A.C.      
Capt Hall, Arthur Charles Vassar  CCC   #  
C115073 Rfn Hall, G.C.      
L27093 Rfn Hall, John Rafer  (signaller)   #  
L27248 Rfn (L/Cpl) Hall, Patrick Eugene Joseph   #  
L27862 Rfn Hall, William Eric * #  
M66152 Pte Hallett, T.E. (RCASC)      
M31282 Rfn Haluck, A.      
M7611 Rfn Halverson, Sigvard Olaf +      
L106121 Rfn Ham, G.O.      
K76565 Rfn Hamelin, J.C. **    
L603184 Rfn Hamelin, J.R.      
L27714 Rfn Hamelin, Victor Arthur     aka McDonald, Allan Victor
L27134 Rfn Sgt Hamer, John William +                  !      
D141101 Rfn Hamer, M.L. **    
F66806 Rfn Hamilton, J.M. *    
L110194 Rfn Hamilton, William H. ** #  
C92206 Rfn Hammell, G.O. *    
L27095 Rfn Hammell, Wlilliam Henry      
L28371 Rfn Hammer, Ernest Ervin      
L27593 Rfn Hampton, Everett Manford      
K50170 Rfn Hamson, H.L. **    
F10500 Rfn Hancock, F.T.      
L107945 Rfn Handford, M.G.      
H195027 Rfn Haney, Horace R.T. +   #  
K24167 Rfn Hankins, J.W.      
M17244 Rfn Hanlon, John P. +      
L106750 Rfn Hannah, R.H. **    
G20045 Cpl Hannan, D.K.      
M1870 Rfn Hannestad, D.A.      
L608826 Rfn Hanson, A.C.W.      
L102714 Rfn Hanson, H.C. * #  
L101402 Rfn Hanson, O.E. * #  
L65008 Cpl Hanson, R.C. * #  
L606417 Rfn Hantke, M.G.      
L65167 Rfn Haraldson, C.B. * #  
L606550 Rfn Harasym, F.      
L74604 Rfn Harasymiw, D. * #  
L13278 Rfn Harcus, J.W. ** #  
L107740 Rfn Harder, B. **    
L107852 Rfn Harder, J.      
L27198 Rfn Hardie, Thomas James      
L27972 Rfn Harding, Albert Edward      
L27223 Rfn Hardy, Andrew      
L27688 Rfn Hardy, Charles      
H37284 Rfn Harker, T.E. *    
L28301 Rfn Harkness, Norman Leonard      
1443 Sgt Harle, Thomas Vasey      
Rfn Cpl Lieut Harman, Eric Alfred **   Enlisted as L27633
L27344 Rfn Harper, Archibald Ross * #  
L103396 Rfn (A/Cpl) Harper, E.A.      
L27765 Rfn Harper, Edward William James * #  
L27342 Rfn Harper, Jesse Arnold      
K3797 Rfn Harper, L.J.      
K40618 Rfn Harper, R.J.      
L108123 Rfn Harper, W.H.      
L27351 Rfn Harper, William      
L28162 Rfn Harrington, William Noble      
A87149 Rfn Harris, George + **    
K15582 Rfn Harris, Howard Arthur K. +      
L102351 Rfn Harris, P. *    
H20471 Rfn Harrison, John Leighton +   #  
L27745 Rfn (A/Cpl) Harrison, Oliver Evans      
M60491 Rfn Hart, G.      
L24010 Rfn Cpl Hartford, W.T.      
L110096 Rfn Hartley, Neal Clark +   #  
L27757 Rfn Hartman, Cecil Thomas Dixon * #  
L602256 Rfn Hartman, E.K.      
L603806 Rfn Hartman, L.W.      
L27407 Rfn Harvey, Arthur Delphis      
L27601 Rfn Harvey, Douglas James Russell      
K73447 Rfn Harvey, E.A.      
L28286 Rfn Harvey, Joseph Porteous * #  
L27176 Rfn Harvey, Peach Blanxby  +     Killed in action with 1st Canadian Special Service Battalion 24 May 1944
C53055 Rfn Harvie, R. *    
L27262 Rfn Harwood, Frederick Percy   #  
L28004 Rfn Hastings, Albert Charles      
L27196 Rfn Hastings, George Edward      
L27771 Rfn Hatch, William John      
L104999 Rfn Haubrick, A.P. *    
L57658 Sgt Hauck, P.      
L602828 Rfn Haugen, R.O.      
L27470 Rfn Hauk, Norman Archibald  +     Killed in action with Royal Canadian Corps of Signals (3rd Cdn Div Sigs) 6 Jun 1944
L608458 Rfn Hawkins, J.      
L155794 Rfn Hawkins, N.W.      
L27881 Rfn (Sgt) Hawryliw, Nick * #  
L533973 Rfn Hawryliw, P.      
K99527 Rfn Hawthorne, R.L.      
F77673 Rfn Hayden. Leomon Roland +      
K1710 Rfn Hayduk, G.P.      
L28378 Rfn Hayes, Thomas Edward      
M101561 Rfn Haynes, R.A.      
L27725 Rfn Haynes, Thomas * #  
K4263 Rfn Hayward, E.S.A.      
L27048 Rfn Hazelton, Lawrence William Franklin  +   #  
L27334 Rfn Hazelwood, George      
L107824 Rfn Head, C.A.      
L27755 Rfn Heaman, Alvin Roy   #  
L108199 Rfn Heather, F.W. *    
L27870 Rfn Hebert, Burton Stanley      
L28232 Rfn Heck, Peter      
H195514 Rfn Hedstrom, K.A. * #  
L602721 Rfn Hegendus, A.      
L64152 Rfn Heichert, C.F. **    
L27830 Rfn Hein, Arthur      
L606908 Rfn Heine, G.