Nominal Roll L-Q

A complete roll of all those who served with 1st Battalion, Regina Rifles between 1 June 1940 and 7 November 1945.  This listing of 4280 men is as complete as possible from surviving records, though the possibility of minor errors or omissions cannot be ruled out.  There is other information associated with many of these names, but additional transcription is required to make this available on this site.

Data from 1941 to 1945 originally transcribed from Part II Orders by the Regimental Historian, Major (ret) D.G. Scott Calder, ED in 1962.  Preserved at the Saskatchewan Military Museum thanks to Major (ret) C. Keith Inches, CD.  Transcribed to digital format by Eleanor Swan.  Data from 1940 to 1941 compiled by Kevin Lambie.

Note that this roll has not been verified against other sources, so discrepancies are possible.

+ Indicates Killed in Action or Died in service, not necessarily with the Regina Rifles.

* Indicates Wounded

# Indicates landed on D-Day

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L104236 Rfn La Brash, J.M.E.      
L27986 Rfn La Plante, William J.      
B83417 Rfn LaBelle, Albani N.O. +      
B157203 Rfn Laberge, R. *    
L107828 Rfn Laboucane, S.R.      
C42411 Pte Lacey, G.E. (RCASC)      
L27890 Rfn Lacey, Robert John      
L28355 Rfn Lachance, Joseph David Ernest      
Lieut Lachance, L.P.      
K50639 Rfn Lachowski, Emil John + * #  
Lieut Lacina, E.J. *    
B116407 Rfn Ladouceur, L. *    
L27116 Rfn Lafferty, John   #  
L28295 Rfn Lafleur, George      
M105705 Rfn Lafleur, T.N. *    
L104181 Rfn Lafontaine, L.A.      
L27735 Rfn Lagasse, Joseph Aime      
L106680 Rfn Laliberte, M. *    
B117824 L/Cpl LaLonde, Ernest James +      
L108693 Rfn Lamb, W.E. *    
G61005 Rfn Lambe, H.A. * #  
L27746 Rfn Lamha, Joseph Louis      
H41931 Rfn LaMontagne, Emelien +   #  
L608511 Rfn Lamontagne, H.R.      
L66512 Spr Lamoreux, E.D. (RCE)      
L464689 Rfn Lamy, M.      
L27530 Rfn Land, Charles Ross      
B119317 Rfn Land, R.R.      
L74037 Rfn (Cpl) Landrie, L.L. *    
L27886 Rfn Landry, George * #  
L27036 Rfn Lane, Philip Henry      
L85533 Rfn Lang, E.J.      
L27418 Rfn L/Sgt Langton, Gerald Royce  MM      
B89455 Cpl Langton, Morley Leclair +      
L107762 Rfn Laplante, M. *    
L27065 Rfn Lapointe, Jospeh Edwin  MM   #  
L86871 Rfn LaReviere, W.      
L27875 Rfn Lariviere, Prosper   #  
A3486 Rfn Larock, H.W. *    
L59734 Sgt Larrett, R.F. *    
A108534 Rfn Larrett, S.G. **    
A61711 Rfn Larson, D.R. * #  
L155806 Rfn Larson, L.S.      
H14959 Rfn Larson, Nels +      
L609812 Rfn Lasko, J.      
L155655 Rfn Lastiwka, J.      
A2104 Pte Latford, G.W. (RCASC)      
B157092 Rfn Latham, A.E. ***    
L41505 Rfn Lathrop, E.E. * #  
M36191 Sgt Laub, H. *    
Lieut Laughlin, R.I. *    
L100861 Rfn Lavallee, L. *** #  
L28187 Rfn Lavalley, James      
L27074 Rfn Lavallie, Alfred Daniel      
B118904 Rfn Lavelle, J.G.      
H204669 Rfn Laviane, C.A.      
K354 Rfn Lavigne, O.J. *    
H14535 Rfn Lavis, W.      
L155666 Rfn Lavoie, A.R.      
L106473 Rfn Lavoy, H.E.      
L100242 Rfn Law, I.H. * #  
Rfn Lieut Law, William Allan *   Enlisted as L28005
K85455 Rfn Lawrence, D.W.      
H17542 Rfn Lawson, E.H. (signaller)      
M101452 Rfn Lawston, W.J. *    
L609872 Rfn Layh, A.      
L28248 Rfn Lazor, Andrew      
M31846 Rfn Le Petre, F.X. *** #  
L110036 Rfn Lea, T.A.      
L22182 Sgt Leader, J.K.      
L27369 Rfn L/Cpl Leader, Noel Kingston      
L24015 Rfn Leask, C.H. (signaller) * #  
L13217 Rfn Leask, James Joseph +   #  
L27212 Rfn Leask, John Charles ** #  
L27211 Rfn Leask, Walter Mathew Graham      
F4044 Rfn Leaver, G.C.      
B149609 Rfn Lebel, E.E.      
G57075 Rfn Leblanc, A.A. **    
L108569 Rfn Leblanc, D.J.      
H9431 Rfn Leclair, H. *    
Lieut Lecuyer, C.B. *    
L107416 Rfn Leduc, A.L.      
G13122 Rfn Lee, B.S. *    
H102670 Rfn Lee, L.W. * #  
K71452 Rfn Lee, W.E.      
B149221 Rfn Lefebvre, G.J. **    
L27278 Rfn LeFeuvre, Francis       
L19938 Sgt Legare, H.R.      
B117303 Rfn Legassey, Vincent J. +      
L27476 Rfn Lehman, August      
L27837 Rfn Lehmann, John Lewis      
K602655 Rfn Leib, S.      
L101991 Rfn Leibel, F.      
L600935 Rfn Leibel, P.      
L58787 Rfn Leigh, W.E. *    
L609509 Rfn Leiman, A.      
L154149 Rfn Leippi, M.J.      
H8387 Rfn Lemay, J.P.      
B157975 Rfn Lemcke, Earl William +      
L28251 Rfn Lenchowsky, Alex      
L108177 Rfn Lennox, W.C. *    
L28272 Rfn Lenzin, Anthony Rudolf      
L27147 Rfn Leonard, Robert Wilson *    
L64981 Rfn Lep, F.      
B159323 Rfn Lepage, H.E.      
L608492 Rfn Lepinski, E.      
K67460 Sgt Lerke, E.G.      
L153554 Rfn Lerner, T. **    
B17961 Rfn Leroy, Charles + *    
L28200 Rfn Leroy, Edward      
L28369 Rfn Leskiw, John      
K71635 Rfn Leslie, P.A. *    
L610004 Rfn Lessmeister, A.M.      
B85098 Rfn Lester, V.F. *    
L86937 Rfn Letendre, O. * #  
M31085 Rfn Letendre, Samuel Joseph  DCM *    
M30850 Rfn Letendre, T.      
M28674 Rfn Letourneau, J.M. *    
M65298 Rfn Lett, H.R. *    
L27836 Rfn Cpl Lewis, Ansell (Jackie)      
L27780 Rfn Lewis, Earl Robert      
F36220 Rfn Lewis, O.H. *    
A116842 Rfn (A/L/Cpl) Lewis, W.G. *    
M8412 Rfn Lezanski, M. *    
M107381 Rfn L'Heureux, R. * #  
L105828 Rfn Libbey, K.Y.      
K48869 Rfn Lien, S. ***    
L27747 Rfn Lieppy, Jack      
K69929 Rfn Lightfoot, A.S.      
D95717 Rfn Lightstone, S.      
K54730 Rfn Lilge, G.V. *    
M7621 Rfn Lilley, B.R. *    
L27381 Rfn Cpl Linder, John Wilfred  +   #  
L606012 Rfn Lindgren, R.      
L104237 Rfn Lindquist, H.C. ** #  
M65433 Rfn Line, H.A. **    
K71607 Rfn Lingor, N. *    
L27374 Rfn Cpl Linklater, Wilfred Edwin * #  
B142948 Rfn Linstead, G.H.      
G4633 Rfn Linton, M.S.      
L465676 Rfn Littke, S.A.      
B149301 Rfn Little, A.E. **    
H43036 Rfn Little, Earl Rennick + *    
F16354 Rfn Little, G.S. *    
L106196 Rfn Littlecrow, L. *    
L11254 Rfn Littletent, J.J. ***    
L27019 Rfn Livesley, Edward Harold      
L107610 Rfn Livingston, H.U.      
L27621 Rfn Lix, Roy      
H101210 Cpl Loader, Thomas Richard +   #  
L6046 Cpl Lobban, George H. + *    
L105897 Rfn Lock, C.H.      
L66597 Rfn Locke, E.A. *    
L27017 Rfn Lockhart, David      
L27609 Rfn Lockman, Alfred      
K1391 Rfn Lodge, M.B. *    
B37773 Rfn Logan, H.L.      
H/Major Logan-Vencta, John W.  OBE      
L104231 Rfn Logue, H.M.      
Lieut Long, H.W.      
L27879 Rfn Long, Herbert      
G1467 Rfn Long, Lee Frank +      
B89721 Cpl Longhorn, J.H. (RCASC)      
A82192 Rfn Longstreet, W.F. *    
L28340 Rfn Longul, Thomas      
L28346 Rfn Looker, John Henry      
K53962 Rfn Loomer, I.M.      
L36331 Rfn Looyen, H. *    
B19954 Rfn Lottridge, A.A.      
L103510 Rfn Lougheed, C.G.   #  
L106347 Rfn Loughlin, F.H. (RCASC)      
Lieut Loughlin, J.E. *    
K40005 Rfn Louie, W.J. *    
L28218 Rfn Lovas, Andrew Joseph      
L610052 Rfn Lovas, Antonio John      
K1402 Rfn Love, C.E. *    
L74208 Spr Love, H.W.      
2 Lieut Major Love, John Vernon  +      
L610760 Rfn Love, R.V.      
L609281 Rfn Loverick, F.      
L103978 Rfn Low, C.G. *    
L109161 Rfn Lowdon, K.      
H17632 Cpl Lower, George Edward +   #  
K51651 Rfn Loyie, R.M. *    
L609670 Rfn Lubbers, E.J.      
L28030 Rfn Lubenow, L. Henry (RCASC)      
H8276 Rfn Luce, A.J. * #  
L28234 Rfn Luchinski, George Nicholas      
L66327 Rfn Lucier, E.A.      
L27108 Rfn Lucier, George Marin      
L533204 Rfn Luciuk, J.W.      
L27362 Rfn Sgt Luck, Walter John      
L27318 Rfn Lukaschuk, Stephen Jack      
L28226 Rfn Lukinchuk, John * #  
C100949 Rfn Luloff, George Walter +      
M101319 Rfn Lunde, Melvin Emmanuel +      
L103063 Rfn Lundeen, A. *    
L28305 Rfn Lunnin, Robert George      
L153542 Rfn Lupichuk, P.      
L607096 Rfn Luster, J.      
L28047 Rfn Lutzko, Henry  + * #  
Lieut Luxton, Eric Charles  MID      
Lieut Capt Lyle, W.M. **    
L7799 Rfn Lynch, J.C.      
L28204 Rfn Lynn, Joseph Robert      
L28273 Rfn Lynn, Reginald Clynes      
L65659 Rfn Lynn, William H. +   #  
M104574 Rfn Lysne, W.H. **    
L27660 Rfn Cpl Lyons, John Douglas R. *    
L27637 Rfn Sgt Lyons, Robert Emmett      
C115537 Rfn Lytle, B.W. *    
B149172 Rfn Lyttle, O.M.      
L104711 Rfn Maanum, H.F.      
L465730 Rfn Maas, A.      
L50076 Rfn MacAuley, H.S.      
Lieut MacDiarmid, M.H. (RCAPC)      
F45748 Rfn MacDonald (McDonald?), W.L. *    
C671 Rfn MacDonald, A. *    
L108954 Rfn MacDonald, A. *    
F9556 Rfn MacDonald, A.H. *    
M30885 Rfn MacDonald, A.J. *    
F4960 Rfn MacDonald, Alexander Fraser +      
F10407 Rfn MacDonald, E.H. *    
L23038 A/Cpl Sgt MacDonald, Glen R. +                   !      
L27952 Rfn MacDonald, Hector Thomas      
M38521 Rfn MacDonald, J.G. **    
F36465 Rfn MacDonald, J.H. *    
F45067 Rfn MacDonald, J.J. *    
F3550 Rfn MacDonald, J.M. *    
L27377 Rfn MacDonald, Lorne      
L27667 Rfn MacDonald, Peter Thomas **    
F97151 Rfn MacDonald, R.H. *    
K62939 Rfn MacDonald, R.M.      
L27776 Rfn MacDonald, Reginald John      
F24501 Rfn MacDonald, S.G. ***    
F24437 Rfn MacDonald, T.B. *    
F31585 Rfn MacDonald, W.F. *    
F51621 Rfn MacDougall, A.A. *    
L67229 Rfn MacDougall, J.G.      
L103272 L/Cpl MacDougall, Robert Harvey +   #  
L27808 Rfn MacEachern, Herbert George  +   #  
K54875 Rfn MacEwan, J.R.L. *    
A107524 Rfn MacGillivray, K.D. **    
M31772 Rfn MacGregor, H.C.      
B116794 Rfn MacIver, J. *    
L27603 Rfn MacKay, Bruce M.      
F9574 Rfn MacKay, N.A. *    
F9563 Rfn MacKenzie, R.M. *    
G57026 Rfn MacLean, D.L.G. **    
F59659 Sgt MacLean, L.E. **    
B76211 Pte MacLellan, H.N. (RCASC) *    
F32212 Rfn MacLeod, D.G.      
L27759 Rfn MacLeod, John William      
F60224 Rfn (Cpl) MacLeod, M.A. **    
F32223 Rfn MacLeod, P. *    
F88863 Rfn MacMillan, M.G. *    
D144566 Rfn MacMullen, W.      
F1071 Rfn MacNeil, M.P.      
Major MacNutt, Thomas Russell ED      
F55618 Rfn MacPhail, G.P.K. *    
F56961 Rfn MacPherson, W.R.      
M107457 Rfn MacSporran, Lorne Howard + *    
L27751 Rfn L/Sgt (Rfn) Madden, Neil Patrick  +   #  
L27077 Rfn Madden, William Thomas      
L27405 Rfn Maddock, Frederick John      
H103502 Rfn Magas, Harry +   #  
L86705 Rfn Magill, A.      
M8993 Rfn Magill, K.      
M45636 Rfn Magistad, J.W.      
L609374 Rfn Magnus, E.W.      
L602972 Rfn Magotiaux, R.G.G.      
L41055 Rfn Maguire, E.W. *    
L64903 Sgt Mahan, Victor Clifford  MM      
L104747 Rfn Mahon, R.      
L28281 Rfn Majden, Willaim      
M105019 Rfn Makohoniuk, S.      
F57185 Rfn Malay, R.F. **    
L39110 Rfn Malbeuf, A. *** #  
L28224 Rfn Malbeuf, Ernest Peter      
L28212 Rfn Malbeuf, Fred      
L106802 Rfn Malcolm, W.M.      
H7011 Rfn Malek, P. *    
L28255 Rfn Malinoski, John J.      
C80234 Rfn Mallett, K.S. *    
H17649 Rfn Malley, J. (RCASC)      
K57787 Pte Mallory, G.C. (Aux Serv)      
Mr Malsinger, R. (CLWS Aux Service)      
L28250 Rfn Mamona, Nick      
L155827 Rfn Mandguik, P.      
L27448 Rfn Mandin, Frank John      
L27649 Rfn Mandin, Joseph Anthony * #  
L466529 Rfn Mang, E.C.      
L13591 Rfn Manion, J.E.L.      
Lieut Manley, A.M. *    
B101234 Rfn Mann, F.O. **    
K46679 Rfn Mansell, R.P. *    
F36010 Rfn Mansfield, H.R. *    
L607671 Rfn Mansuy, G.      
L609765 Rfn Mantieffelle, E.A.      
L64505 Rfn Manz, J.A. *    
C120653 Rfn Maracle, M.W. **    
L607491 Rfn Mariani, D.J.      
Lieut Marier, H.L.      
L27268 Rfn Marin, Hubert      
L27871 Rfn Marion, Joseph John      
L607954 Rfn Markel, J.E.      
C31176 Rfn Markell, G.O. *    
L27678 Rfn Sgt Marko, Russell Howard      
H39137 Rfn Marks, G.S.J.      
L465638 Rfn Markwart, J.H.      
H42315 Rfn Marlow, A.J.C. * #  
L27205 Rfn Maron, William      
L27897 Rfn Marshall, Philip Henry      
L27233 Rfn Martel, Peter      
B98999 Rfn Martin, A.      
L66018 Rfn Martin, F. (signaller)   #  
H36398 Rfn Martin, J.B.      
L464118 Rfn Martin, M.R.      
L154427 Rfn Martin, S. *    
M602175 Rfn Martin, W.      
L105176 Rfn Martinas, J.      
L104004 Rfn Martodam, H.H.      
L6242 Rfn Maruk, S.      
L607774 Rfn Marwalski, W.C.      
2 Lieut Lieut Mash, Philip H.      
M31590 Rfn Mason, A.C.      
M104989 Rfn Mason, F. *    
L155565 Rfn Mason, G.W.      
L609871 Rfn Mason, H.G.      
L67348 Rfn Mason, J.A.      
L27600 Rfn Mason, James Harry (signaller) * #  
Lieut Masse, A. **    
M15729 Sgt Masterson, S.F.J.      
L53319 Rfn Materi, J. *    
L27989 Rfn CQMS Matheson, Campbell Russell  +      
Major LtCol Matheson, Foster Martin  DSO   #  
C75721 Rfn Mathie, J.C. *    
L105194 Rfn Matkaluk,M. * #  
L106665 Rfn Matt, R.E.      
L12024 Rfn Matthews, J.W.      
Lieut Matthews, R.J.      
F7076 Rfn Mattinson, L.S. *    
L28217 Rfn Matus, Joseph Steve      
L27033 Rfn Matwiy, Peter      
L27832 Rfn Matyas, Frank Edward  +   #  
L447 Rfn Maunder, James E. +      
D119623 L/Cpl Maveety, Mark T. +      
L27394 Rfn Cpl Maxfield, Stewart Roy      
L108766 Rfn Maxim, J.      
H195439 L/Cpl May, George James +   #  
D127660 Rfn Maybury, M.B. * #  
L27059 Rfn Maynard, James David      
A58507 Rfn Mayo, H.E.      
L27076 Rfn Cpl Mayo, Rex L. * #  
L463726 Rfn Maze, T.R.      
L101989 Rfn McAdam, G.A.      
F2297 Rfn McAdam, J.E.M. **    
L155904 Rfn McAfee, R.      
L27786 Rfn McAlaster, Durward Scott (signaller) + *    
G49553 Rfn McAllister, D.F. *    
L27420 Rfn McAllister, Norman      
B136962 Rfn McAndrew, E.G. *    
L27098 Rfn S/Sgt McArthur, Alexander Edwin      
L27731 Rfn McArthur, Arthur Neil   #  
H103658 Rfn McArthur, J.A. * #  
L102977 Rfn McArthur, J.D. *    
L28189 Rfn McArthur, Stephen * #  
H21141 Rfn McArthur, W. *    
L27139 Rfn Cpl McAteer, William Samuel      
L27695 Rfn McAulay, Gordon Glen      
L27992 Rfn McAuley, David      
L27329 Rfn McAuley, Fred Lawrence      
B26748 Rfn McAuley, O. *    
L27328 Rfn McAuley, William Gordon **    
L85507 Rfn McAvena, F.J.      
L27567 Rfn McBlain, Malcolm Thomas +   #  
L27536 Rfn McBride, Gordon Joseph  +   #  
L28344 Rfn McBurney, Kempfield * #  
M41657 Cpl McCaig, W.J. * #  
F10146 Rfn McCallum, J.D.      
K54753 Rfn McCaull, B.C. *    
L103645 Rfn McClellan, R.E.      
H100966 Rfn McClelland, C.W.M.      
B17998 Rfn McClive, J.T. **    
L24003 Sjt McConnell, B.V. ** #  
F9004 Rfn McCormack, Adolphus P. +      
G28572 Rfn (Pte) McCormick, E.E. (RCASC)      
L27509 Rfn McCormick, William      
L65196 Cpl McCracken, H.R. * #  
L108403 Rfn McCreary, E.W.      
F24494 Rfn McCuish, G. **    
L103533 Rfn McCulloch, J.W. *** #  
L27923 Rfn McCulloch, James John      
L27565 Rfn McCullough, Thomas Arthur      
L1538 Rfn McCurdy, Charles Albert      
M31827 Rfn McCurdy, J.K.      
F36017 Rfn McCurdy, S.A. *    
L8456 Rfn McCutchin, E.T.      
B59653 Sgt McDermott, B.J. **    
L28186 Rfn McDonald, Alexander Jerome      
L155598 Rfn McDonald, C.D. *    
L24023 Rfn McDonald, C.O.      
L109268 Rfn McDonald, D.E.      
L74428 Rfn McDonald, D.H.      
L27924 Rfn McDonald, Denton Clarence      
L608390 Rfn McDonald, J.A.      
K2128 Rfn McDonald, John Alexander Arnold +      
Capt McDonald, Norman Donald (RCAPC)  MBE   #  
L8929 Cpl McDonald, R.G. *    
F43878 Rfn McDonald, T.R. *    
L605304 Rfn McDonell, W.G. *    
L27719 Rfn McDougall, John Alexander      
B62762 Rfn McDougall, S.E. ***    
Lieut McDougall, Walter J. +      
L107020 Rfn McDowell, A.A.      
L108451 Rfn McDowell, C.J. **    
L27887 Rfn McDowell, William John      
L106732 Rfn McEachern, B.F. *    
L28350 Rfn McElree, Gordon Lawrence * #  
L109041 Rfn McEwan, J.A. *    
L609537 Rfn McFall, A.      
L13731 Rfn McFarland, C.A.      
L28198 Rfn McGillis, Phillip **    
L28376 Rfn McGillis, Robert      
M45678 Rfn McGrath, C.E.   #  
B41426 Rfn McGrath, J.E. *    
L27166 Rfn Cpl McGraw, John Sloan    #  
L27730 Rfn McGregor, Sedric Douglas      
L53550 Rfn McGuire, T.G. *    
L28309 Rfn McGunigal, John Irwin      
2 Lieut Lieut Maj McGurran, Leonard Vincent  DSO *    
K75155 Rfn McHardy, Clifford Scanlon +      
K69441 Rfn McIntyre, J.G. **    
L64509 Rfn McIntyre, M.      
H87396 Rfn McIntyre, R.Y. *    
L27939 Rfn McIntyre, William G.  +   #  
B143279 Rfn McIntyre, William McManus *    
B83349 Rfn McIsaac, R.F.      
L27254 Rfn Cpl McIvor, Thomas Reginald * #  
L28037 Rfn McKay, Alex      
L28202 Rfn McKay, Andrew Joseph      
L27315 Rfn McKay, Colin (signaller) **    
L109278 Rfn McKay, D.V.      
L28119 Rfn McKay, Joseph Angus      
L106584 Rfn McKay, Melvin + *    
L27359 Rfn McKay, William Roland * #  
L24016 Rfn McKeen, Leonard I. +   #  
L27987 Rfn McKeen, Norman Henry      
H43068 Rfn McKellock, P. *    
A20613 Rfn McKend, R.W.      
L107095 Rfn McKenna, W.J.      
L86900 Cpl McKenzie, H.A. * #  
L154336 Rfn McKenzie, J. *    
K98273 Sgt McKenzie, R. *    
B57691 Rfn McKeown, A.M.      
C33649 Rfn McKie, H.M. *    
L28299 Rfn McKinney, John Gilbert      
K719 Rfn McKowan, H.E. *    
L2998 Rfn McLachlan, C.B.      
L36006 Sgt McLachlan, Daniel + *    
H53504 Rfn McLaren, Michael G. +      
K168 Rfn McLarry, B.F.      
L8184 Rfn McLaughlan, R.      
C123268 Rfn McLaughlin, E.D.      
Lieut McLaughlin, L.H. *    
M12360 Rfn McLaughlin, P.C.      
L92929 Rfn McLean, Earl F. +      
L17025 A/Cpl McLean, G.      
L155597 Rfn McLean, I. *    
H17560 Rfn McLean, J.W.      
L28306 Rfn McLean, Leslie Earl      
L27066 Rfn McLean, Norman Allen      
L27860 Rfn McLean, Ward Harry      
A37208 Cpl McLellan, K.C. *    
H103229 Rfn McLellan, R.      
L105742 Rfn McLellan, W.A. *    
L106211 Rfn McLennan, S. *    
L27738 Rfn McLennon, Malcolm      
L28196 Rfn McLeod, Alexander Allister      
L27669 Rfn McLeod, David Dundas      
M30958 Rfn McLeod, F.G.      
M31266 Rfn McLeod, G.A.      
H103133 Rfn McLeod, G.H.      
L27977 Rfn McLeod, Gordon Alexander      
D132936 Rfn McLeod, I.G.      
L27654 Rfn McLeod, James Robert      
L93689 Rfn McLeod, L.A. ** #  
L67512 L/Sgt McLeod, Ralph J. + * #  
M52836 Rfn McLeod, W.      
A107279 L/Cpl McLurg, John S. +      
L27551 Rfn McMaster, (McMasters?) Albert Edward      
L27489 Rfn McMaster, Duncan Robert      
L27422 Rfn McMaster, John Franklin      
L27843 Rfn McMillan, Alfred Harry (signaller)      
B45154 Rfn McMillan, R.      
L27798 Rfn McMillan, Russell Stewart      
L54897 Rfn McNabb, J.C.      
L27645 Rfn McNabb, John George  +      
L104940 Rfn McNeil, E.T. *    
L27440 Rfn McNeill, Hardman Johnston      
L27482 Rfn McNeill, Sidney Wilson Boyd      
Lieut McNinch, J.W. * #  
L27126 Rfn McPercival, Gordon James      
L61709 Rfn McPhee, R.A. *    
L27060 Rfn McPherson, John      
Lieut McQuaid, Edward Sampson +         !      
L27188 Rfn McRadu, Wesley      
B116548 Rfn McRae, Jarvis Alloun + *    
L27979 Rfn McRae, Kenneth Joseph      
K69515 Sgt McRae, W.F. *    
H100615 Rfn McRobbie, W.A.      
L65687 Rfn McVee, A.C. * #  
L27382 Rfn Sgt McVeigh, James Patrick *    
L108910 Rfn McWhirter, W.J.      
L107489 Rfn McWillie, R.G.      
L609628 Rfn Meacham, E.      
L27070 Rfn Mead, Anthony  +     born Antonio Mezza
M58818 Rfn Mead, P.H.      
L27189 Rfn Meadows, William Joseph      
L28275 Rfn Mealing, John Edward      
K46793 Rfn Meek, C.C.      
H1426 Rfn Meffen, J. ** #  
L533288 Rfn Mehling, A.H.      
L27112 Rfn Meikle, Bruce William Duncan      
L27919 Rfn Mein, William Clement Laing      
F43999 Rfn Melanson, A.J. *    
F16565 Rfn Melanson, C.A. **    
L27179 Rfn Melanson, George Alexander  +     Killed in action with Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada 13 Oct 1944
L36983 Rfn Melnychuk, J.      
L7292 Rfn Menar, M.      
H8657 Rfn Menzoski, J. *    
L106641 Rfn Merastie, A.      
L27051 Rfn Mercer, Leonard Lucas      
H43616 Rfn A/Cpl Cpl Merclex, L.J.      
L27271 Rfn Meredith, Edward ** #  
L27556 Rfn Merriam, Edward Albert      
K78829 Rfn Merrick, G.G.      
L107113 Rfn Merrick, R.G. *    
L27075 Rfn Merryman, Walter Verne      
M31216 Rfn Merta, H.F. * #  
L107252 Rfn Mervold, P.N.      
L157702 Rfn Merwin, E.H.      
L600656 Rfn Metz, R.P.      
L106860 Rfn Meyer, A. *    
L27528 Rfn Michalenko, Fred Nick      
L27945 Rfn Michalenko, Peter Nick * #  
H195438 Rfn Michaud, E.J. ** #  
L27803 Rfn Middlemiss, Willaim John      
L27492 Rfn Cpl Middleton, Isaac Cornelius  + ** #  
L27586 Rfn Miers, Norman      
M3842 Rfn Mikasko, S. **    
L27393 Rfn Mikenas, Mike Andrew      
L609405 Rfn Millar, J.H.      
L155851 Rfn Millar, S.      
L27274 Rfn Cpl Millard, Henry Archibald  +   #  
L27888 Rfn Millen, Cecil Earl      
L27305 Rfn L/Cpl Miller, Alfred      
L27159 Rfn Miller, Arthur Harold      
L603524 Rfn Miller, D.      
M106074 Rfn Miller, E.C. **    
L109092 Rfn Miller, G.A.J.      
Lieut Miller, G.S.