Nominal Roll R-Z

A complete roll of all those who served with 1st Battalion, Regina Rifles between 1 June 1940 and 7 November 1945.  This listing of 4280 men is as complete as possible from surviving records, though the possibility of minor errors or omissions cannot be ruled out.  There is other information associated with many of these names, but additional transcription is required to make this available on this site.

Data from 1941 to 1945 originally transcribed from Part II Orders by the Regimental Historian, Major (ret) D.G. Scott Calder, ED in 1962.  Preserved at the Saskatchewan Military Museum thanks to Major (ret) C. Keith Inches, CD.  Transcribed to digital format by Eleanor Swan.  Data from 1940 to 1941 compiled by Kevin Lambie.

Note that this roll has not been verified against other sources, so discrepancies are possible.

+ Indicates Killed in Action or Died in service, not necessarily with the Regina Rifles.

* Indicates Wounded

# Indicates landed on D-Day

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B116895 Rfn Raasu, A.M.      
L27376 Rfn Racette, Marcel ** #  
L109030 Rfn Rachkowski, M. *    
E101395 Rfn Racine, H.      
L601657 Rfn Radawetz, J.      
L608363 Rfn Radbourne, A.W.      
2 Lieut Major Radcliffe, Colin James  +               !      
L610969 Rfn Raglin, B.R.      
H41279 L/Cpl Raiche, V.L.      
L27091 Rfn Sgt Rainbow, Frank (RCASC)      
L27388 Rfn Raine, Harold Clarence      
L27194 Rfn Ralston, George John * #  
L27203 Rfn L/Cpl Sgt Ralston,David Charles * #  
Lieut Capt Ramsay, F.G. (RCAMC)      
Lieut Ramsey, D.R.      
H70399 Rfn Randle, H.G.      
L65527 Rfn Raphael, J.M. *    
L27901 Rfn Rasmussen, Robert James      
Lieut Ratelle, A.      
K1206 Rfn Rau, R.G. *    
L465597 Rfn Rauch, R.V.      
F92804 Rfn Rawding, F.H. *    
L22601 Rfn Rawes, W. * #  
L27317 Rfn Rawles, Wallace Leonard      
M101074 Rfn Rawlings, George W. +      
K45415 Rfn Rawlings, Victor Alloway +      
K45948 Rfn Raymond, D.W.      
L107934 Rfn Raymond, L.R.      
L64515 Rfn Rayner, C.R.      
L18529 Rfn Rayner, E. * #  
L607715 Rfn Rayner, T.W.      
F82741 Rfn Read, Alan R. +      
L27775 Rfn (Sgt) Read, Delbert John ** #  
L27625 Rfn L/Cpl Realff, William Bishop * #  
K441 Rfn Reambeault, Robert Douglas +      
L155850 Rfn Reece, A.E.      
M106841 Rfn Reed, J.H. **    
M31251 Rfn Rees, L.T. ** #  
B11134 Gnr Rees, R.      
L28191 Rfn Reeve, Walter Howard      
Lieut Regan, J.J.      
L27694 Rfn Regan, Terrence Alexander      
L106127 Rfn Regier, I.      
L54774 Rfn Regimbel, R.R.      
B118093 Rfn Regnier, L.G.      
Lieut Rehill, C.M.   #  
M104805 Rfn Rehman, Jacob +   #  
L602986 Rfn Reiber, P.      
L608478 Rfn Reiber, R.      
L107062 Rfn Reich, H.      
L110090 Rfn Reichert, A.      
L65658 Rfn Reid, A. *    
H66659 Rfn Reid, F.W. *    
K51607 Rfn Reid, J.M. *    
Mr Reid, R. (Aux Service)      
F55985 Rfn Reid, R.G.      
Lieut Reid, Robert John      
L108920 Rfn Reid, S.R.      
M67605 Sgt Reid, W.G.      
B148060 Rfn Reimer, G. *    
L27736 Rfn Reimer, William Milton      
D144414 Rfn Reisneberg, J.C. *    
L27226 Rfn Relf, Charles Edward      
L28297 Rfn Remple, David      
H70620 Rfn Renaud, E.H. **** #  
L27454 Rfn Rennie, Donald Ross      
L28263 Rfn Renwick, Arthur Valentine   #  
C52874 Rfn Reynolds, G.D. *    
F10003 Pte Reynolds, R.L.      
B56084 Rfn Reynolds, W.E. *    
L27117 Rfn Rice, Clarence Orval      
H100745 Rfn Richard, J.W. **    
M17304 Rfn Richards, A.T.      
L27708 Rfn Richards, Robert Henry      
L53306 Rfn Richardson, Albert G. +      
L27443 Rfn L/Cpl Richardson, Frederick Michael * #  
Lieut Richardson, L.C.      
L27218 Rfn Richardson, Lawrence Allan * #  
L27227 Rfn Ridley, Horace Piannia      
L17121 Rfn Ridley, W. ** #  
L607197 Rfn Riehl, John +      
H1572 Rfn Riel, Roland David +       
L608634 Rfn Rindero, M.A.      
L608902 Rfn Ripplinger, S.G.      
L608853 Rfn Rische, H.W.      
L27566 Rfn Riseing, Fredrick George      
H17367 Cpl Ritchie, William  MID +   #  
H1371 Rfn Ritchot, D.A. ** #  
K92468 Rfn Ritter, H.H.      
L13572 Rfn Rivard, L.J.      
M31194 Rfn Roberge, E.      
C77188 Rfn Robert, G.G.      
H36685 Sgt Roberts, B.E.      
L27165 Rfn Roberts, Frederick James   #  
L27045 Rfn Roberts, George *    
B42874 Rfn Roberts, Gordon Joseph +   #  
Lieut Capt Roberts, Herbert Sinclair  MC CCC * #  
Capt Roberts, Victor      
L101446 Rfn Roberts, William H. +   #  
C10640 Rfn Robertson, A.      
K569 Rfn Robertson, G.A.      
B149813 Rfn Robertson, J.F. *    
L22193 Rfn Robertson, J.J.      
B89044 Rfn Robertson, W.L.      
K76403 Rfn Robillard, E.H.      
L27047 Rfn Robillard, Leonard George      
L27363 Rfn Robillard, Robert * #  
B80189 Rfn Robins, O.N. *    
L27453 Rfn Robinson, Colin Richard      
L107010 Rfn Robinson, J.D.      
L27635 Rfn Robinson, John George *** #  
M10677 CQMS Robinson, T.R.      
K69508 Sgt Robinson, T.W. *    
Lieut Robson, O.B.      
K225 Rfn Rock, Thomas George Frederick +      
L155677 Rfn Rodonbush, E.M.      
K65236 Rfn Rogan, Edward Michael + *    
L603144 Rfn Rogers, A.E.      
L107589 Rfn Rogers, Calvin Claude +      
D142377 Rfn Rogers, Harry Warren + *    
L27531 Rfn Rogers, Leland George (RCASC) * #  
L59876 Rfn Rogowski, H.L. *    
K51952 Rfn Rohn, W.   #  
L86800 Rfn Roland, T.A.   #  
K54463 Rfn Rollins, George H. + *    
K76372 Rfn Romano, F.L. *    
K63150 Rfn Rombough, P.S.      
L103509 Rfn Rommelaere, V. * #  
Lieut Roney, J.H. *    
K65010 Rfn Ronnie, J.L. * #  
L22576 Rfn Ronning, P.      
L27143 Rfn L/Cpl Rooney, Donald Edward      
G47296 Rfn Rooney, J.E. *    
M1533 Rfn Ropcean, W.      
L605325 Rfn Rosansen, H.A.      
K574 Rfn Rose, W.E.      
H64830 Rfn Rosenberg, J. ***    
L28283 Rfn Rosette, George Frank A. * #  
L28228 Rfn Rosina, Joseph      
L105642 Rfn Ross, A.B.      
H19556 Rfn Ross, A.W. ** #  
F66202 Rfn Ross, E.W.      
L105057 Rfn Ross, M.P.   #  
L27138 Rfn Ross, Newton Hunter (Bob)      
L27400 Rfn Ross, Robert William      
L600502 Rfn Ross, W.      
L67216 Rfn Ross, W.D. *    
L27958 Rfn Ross, William Joseph Bruno * #  
H/Capt Rossbach, W.J.  CCS      
B143589 Rfn Rotar, C.J.      
L28028 Rfn Rotariu, George George      
L602844 Rfn Rother, M.J.      
B2199 Rfn Rothwell, George E. +      
Lieut Maj Rouatt, George Earl  MBE   #  
F2482 Rfn Rourke, M.D. *    
P22322 Sgt Routledge, T.C.      
D143432 Rfn Rowat, C.W. *    
L27250 Rfn Rowe, Melville Morris   #  
L28316 Rfn Rowley, Clarence      
L27001 Rfn CQMS Rowley, Percy Edward * #  
L27266 Rfn Rowley, Walter Fredrick      
L28174 Rfn Roy, Joseph Leo David      
L155762 Rfn Roy, M.      
L101081 Rfn (A/Cpl) Roy, M.L.      
K50263 Rfn Roylance, J.R.      
L27898 Rfn Rubocki, John      
C103036 Rfn Ruddy, Raymond William +           ! *    
M105137 Rfn Rudyk, M.      
A69318 Rfn Ruetz, T.J. *    
L600557 Rfn Ruf, W.      
L606239 Rfn Ruhl, G.      
Mr Ruiter, H.E. (CLWS Aux Service)      
L100052 Rfn Rumpel, H.W. * #  
L607657 Rfn Rumpel, R.F.      
L9151 A/L/Cpl Runciman, J.W.      
L106874 Rfn Rupert, C.E.      
L154286 Rfn Rurak, J. (RCASC)      
F25525 Rfn Rushton, W.L.      
L107898 Rfn Rusk, Kenneth R.      
L13483 Rfn Rusk, M.G.      
H1599 Rfn Rusnak, J.      
L9106 Pte Russel, J.W. (RCOC att)      
L27368 Rfn Russell, Amal George ** #  
M8517 Rfn Russell, D.W. *    
Capt Russell, Harold Keating      
M2331 Rfn Russell, I.A.      
Lieut Russell, L.M.      
B79789 Rfn Russell, R. *    
L24018 Rfn  CQMS Rutherford, C.T.H. * #  
B155259 Rfn Rutka, S.J. *    
B89049 Rfn Ryall, William Alfred +   #  
L27912 Rfn Ryan, Thomas Clarence J. **    
L55332 L/Cpl Ryckman, Sidney T. +      
K243 Rfn Ryder, G.R. *    
L27163 Rfn Rymer, James Walter      
L28220 Rfn Rymer, Walter      
L107725 Rfn Saal, R.E.      
M102725 WOII CSM Sabasch, O.H.      
C10639 Rfn Sabourin, C.F. *    
K6155 Rfn Saemerow, R.G.A.      
L609337 Rfn Sager, E.K.      
K3630 Rfn Sagert, A.      
L22629 Rfn Saigeon, J.R.      
C115015 Rfn Saint-Jacques, Antoine +      
L27810 Rfn Saklofsky, Henry      
M107862 Rfn Sales, George Alfred +      
Captain Salter, Leonard Leigh +      
M104802 Rfn Sampson, G.A.C. *    
F29015 Rfn Samson, C.S. *    
K71791 Rfn Samson, J. **    
M103308 Rfn Samulenok, J.T.      
L533880 Rfn Sander, P.      
H102365 Rfn Sanderson, F.R. *   May be Sanderson, S. R.
B138683 Rfn Sanderson, G. *    
D3336 Cpl Sands, A.R.  MM      
H67244 Cpl Sands, G.E. * #  
F44010 Rfn Sanford, N.H.      
L27279 Rfn Sangret, Arthur      
L27572 Rfn Sangret, August  +     Hanged for murder 29 Apr 1943
L607480 Rfn Sarauer, R.R.      
L534406 Rfn Saretsky, J.R.      
L601612 Rfn Saretsky, P.      
K65088 Rfn Sargent, S.W.      
K85510 Rfn Sather, T.      
L86604 Rfn Sauer, O.R. * #  
B37880 Rfn Saunders, R.K.      
L74070 Rfn Saunders, W.E.      
D123109 Pte Savard, R.J.M. (RCASC)      
Lieut Savary, R.      
G64885 Rfn Savoie, E. *    
K45892 Rfn Savoie, L.      
L27072 Rfn Savoy, Alphonse Joseph      
L103459 Rfn Sawatzky, John +   #  
L12303 Rfn Sawchuk, Michael **    
K4093 Rfn Sawitsky, Nickolas + *    
L609964 Rfn Sawrenko, A.      
F40788 Rfn Cpl Saxton, A. *    
L109106 Rfn Sayers, D.H.      
L27571 Rfn Sayers, Stanley Henry ** #  
L86831 Cpl Sayese, James Alvin +   #  
F86111 Pte Scanlan, T.J. (RCASC)      
L28315 Rfn Schaefer, Benjamin Fred      
L608731 Rfn Schafhauser, W.A.      
K54461 Rfn Schaible, A.W.      
L466191 Rfn Schaitel, A.R.      
L65364 Rfn Schaitel, P.G. ** #  
M28762 Rfn Schan, J.P. *    
L602907 Rfn Schechtel, R.      
L102953 Rfn Scheir, E.      
M2334 Rfn Scheir, G.G.      
L59898 Rfn Scheltgen, A. * #  
L28317 Rfn Schemtag, Frank Joseph      
L602408 Rfn Schick, A.      
L107385 Rfn Schier, R.C.B. **    
L602010 Rfn Schikarski, J.      
L155617 Rfn Schill, W.W.      
H67430 Cpl A/Sgt Schiller, J.J.      
L607831 Rfn Schimpf, D.      
L105341 Rfn Schinold, W.J.      
L28225 Rfn Schkeger, Benjamin      
L28117 Rfn Schmalenberg, Carl Henry      
L27976 Rfn Schmaus, Harold William      
L108134 Rfn Schmidt, D.      
L27491 Rfn Schmidt, George      
M26753 Rfn Schmidt, J.A.      
L607358 Rfn Schmidt, S.      
L103160 Rfn Schmunk, H.      
L103161 Rfn Schmunk, K. **    
L103567 Rfn Schneck, K.E. (Ken?) * #  
L155593 Rfn Schneider, A.F. *    
L602908 Rfn Schneider, L.      
L28167 Rfn Schneider, Max  +                        !      
L27146 Rfn Schnell, David      
M38491 Rfn Schnierer, I. **    
K50274 Rfn Schollie, R.J. **    
L608429 Rfn Schram, A.R.      
L103804 Rfn Schriener, J. *    
L104691 Rfn Schrum, F.      
L602995 Rfn Schultz, E.      
L27063 Rfn Schultz, Ivan      
L106350 Rfn Schultz, J.      
L105067 Rfn Schultz, N.      
M7773 Rfn Schultz, R. *    
F16175 Rfn Schultz, S.E.      
M51459 Rfn Schultz, W.H.      
K6096 Rfn Schwab, W.M.      
M103161 Rfn Schwabe, R.R. *    
L28060 Rfn Schwartz, Clifford Sifton      
L153011 Rfn Schwartz, R.S. **    
H47032 Cpl Schwean, A.      
L610046 Rfn Schweder, L.J.      
A602794 Rfn Schweitzer, A.J.      
L104035 Rfn Scobie, K.G. *    
L464541 Rfn Scott, A.W.      
C118648 Rfn Scott, C.G.      
H17594 Cpl Scott, David Herbert (Herb) +   #  
L27345 Rfn Scott, Eldon Henry *    
K69517 Sgt Scott, G. *    
L27479 Rfn Scott, Hector   #  
L27243 Rfn Scott, James Thomas   #  
A105103 Pte Scott, V.G. (RCASC)      
M4117 Pte Scott, W.E. (RCASC)      
L27132 Rfn Scott, Walter Eric      
Major Scott-Calder, Donald George      
L109096 Rfn Seabrook, L.      
L27094 Rfn L/Cpl Seale, Fred Charles   #  
Rfn L/Cpl Lieut Seaman, Raymond Arthur     Enlisted as L27682
L93608 Cpl Searle, J.R. *    
E4034 Rfn Sears, Ronald Dayson +      
L51461 Rfn Sebelius, D.A. **    
L27718 Rfn Seeley, Joseph Duncan   #  
L27024 Rfn Pte Seguin, John Ligouri      
C101020 L/Cpl Seguin, Joseph Alfred +      
M8521 Rfn Seibel, M. *    
L600999 Rfn Seidel, F.R.      
L104549 Rfn Seidel, W.H.      
L27852 Rfn Seidler, Max Carl      
A109613 Rfn Seifred, W.J.      
K50835 L/Cpl Sekulich, Frank Nicholas +      
L86607 Rfn Selinger, J. * #  
L67685 Rfn Selinger, J.M.      
L28216 Rfn Selinger, John George * #  
H20594 Rfn Sellick, N.L.      
L600613 Rfn Senger, F.      
L609119 Rfn Senger, J.A.      
L553593 Rfn Senger, P.A.      
L601378 Rfn Senum, T.      
L602661 Rfn Serak, M.      
L28180 Rfn Serwatkewich, Joseph  +      
L28267 Rfn Serwatkewich, Michael * #  
L27022 Rfn Sesiuk, Tony      
L24026 Rfn Settee, T. * #  
L28026 Rfn Severight, Peter      
L51489 Rfn Seymour, H.R.P. * #  
L27697 Rfn Seymour, Howard Duncan      
M103904 Rfn Shadeck, E.      
C41764 Sgt Shanks, H.W.  (CDC)      
L605654 Rfn Sharanowski, A.      
Lieut Sharman, J.C.      
Major Sharp, Harry  DCM      
H41658 Rfn Sharp, R.S.T **    
L27100 Rfn RSM Sharp, Thomas William  MBE      
Lieut Shaughnessy, P.J. *    
L155854 Rfn A/Cpl Shaw, A.M.      
L107621 Rfn Shaw, J.L.      
L28351 Rfn Shaw, John      
M107758 Rfn Shaw, L.J. * #  
L27883 Rfn CSM Shaw, William James  MM MID *** #  
2 Lieut Lieut Shawcross, Ronald Gendall * #  
M101718 Rfn Shea, P.M. *    
Capt Shearer, G.I.      
L28190 Rfn Sheepskin, John      
K70041 Rfn Shepherd, C.G. ** #  
L27568 Rfn Shepley, Robert Allen  +      
L600195 Rfn Sheramata, A.      
M2450 Rfn Sherwood, V.H. *    
C52942 Rfn Shetlor, W.F. *    
M102015 Rfn Shewkenek, W. *    
L18579 Rfn Shiell, J. *    
M66681 Rfn Shiels, R.K. *    
L27104 Rfn Shiers, Harold Herbert      
K66516 Rfn Shillito, R. *    
H92311 Rfn Shiloff, F. *    
Rfn Captain (Rfn) Shinnan, Robert Gibson  MID  +     Enlisted as L27723
L609159 Rfn Shiplack, J.F.      
L105851 Rfn Shipley, J.R.      
L605481 Rfn Shira, S.      
L28377 Rfn Shnovsky, Jack      
L609087 Rfn Shooter, H.C.      
M106296 Rfn Short, G.      
L27105 Rfn Shortridge, John Leonard      
B18275 Rfn Shumilak, S.J. *    
L27292 Rfn Shura, Michael Patrick      
L28208 Rfn Shymal, Joseph      
L107972 Rfn Sidwell, R.K.      
L609065 Rfn Siebert, F.P.H.      
K51161 Rfn Siegel, E.A.      
L602847 Rfn Siegle, W.      
L155702 Rfn Siermachesky, R.      
L465407 A/Cpl Siever, E.P.      
L153551 Rfn Sikora, K.F.      
Capt Sills, Joseph Herbert VD +             !      
L609062 Rfn Silzer, J.C.      
M52093 Rfn Sim, W.T.      
L608584 Rfn Sima, I.      
L104014 Rfn Simmons, C.D.      
D140109 Rfn Simms, H.N. *    
Capt (PM) Simonds, William Edward (Sandy)      
K54526 Rfn Simpson, F.J. **    
L27701 Rfn Simpson, James Roy      
2059 RQMS Simpson, John Stuart      
L101366 Rfn Simpson, R.      
L27191 Rfn L/Cpl Simpson, William George Edward  +     Killed in action with Lake Superior Regiment (Motor) 9 Aug 1944
B22605 L/Cpl Sinclair, Clayton + *    
L93686 Cpl Sinclair, D.      
L27721 Rfn L/Sgt (Rfn) Sinclair, Elie Victor  +   #  
L108892 Rfn Sinclair, J.      
H20549 Rfn Sinclair, W.E.      
L607667 Rfn Sinden, R.H.      
L27504 Rfn Singbeil, Ernest Alfred      
F82045 Rfn Singer, Allan Bruce +      
L28261 Rfn Singh, James  +      
L28223 Rfn Sinotoski, William      
L28205 Rfn Sippel, Frank Edward      
L28358 Rfn Sitter, Louis Paul      
L28319 Rfn Siurno, Frank      
L27200 Rfn Sjodin, Oliver (Aliver?) Daniel      
L57794 Cpl Skaar, L.A. *    
H102152 Rfn Skerritt, Clarence Percy +   #  
L609643 Rfn Skihar, J.      
K50386 Rfn Skillen, W.H.      
L91539 Rfn Skilnick, H.      
L27722 Rfn Skinner, Robert Spence      
L105670 Rfn Skoyen, N.C. ***    
H10982 Rfn Skulmoski, Stanley +      
L84548 Cpl Slack, F.      
L27209 Rfn Slade, Yeomans George      
L105852 Rfn Slaney, George E. +      
L108600 Rfn Slark, J.A.      
L28242 Rfn Slater, Arthur Herbert Patrick      
L27384 Rfn Slater, Harold Thomas      
L27421 Rfn Slater, William Arthur      
Lieut Slattery, Bernard Joseph +      
C6245 Rfn Sleightholm, J. (RCASC)      
L27101 Rfn Slinn, Robert Dennis      
L27706 Rfn Slumskie, Gordon Albert (RCASC)      
C118654 Rfn Sly, D.A. **    
L154420 Rfn Smale, F.W.      
L102872 Rfn Small, D.C. *    
L105181 Rfn Small, Harry Eugene +      
Lieut Small, V.H.      
L106894 Rfn Smallwood, R.E. *    
L106868 Rfn Smallwood, W.P. *    
L27260 Rfn Smart, Frank Henry      
K6062 Rfn Smedley, J.W.A.      
L27611 Rfn Smeltzer, Alvin Lorne * #  
L28165 Rfn Smidt, Alex      
L107507 Rfn Smith, A.J.      
Lieut Smith, Allan Edward  +      
L27508 Rfn Smith, Arthur Smith  +   #  
L534493 Rfn Smith, B.E.      
M31239 Rfn Smith, C.E.      
L74111 Rfn Smith, C.J.      
L27246 Rfn Cpl Smith, Clarence William * #  
F89728 Rfn Smith, Clifford Leroy +      
L27742 Rfn Cpl Smith, Edward Axell * #  
L13605 Rfn Smith, F.H. * #  
D3646 L/Cpl (A/Cpl) Smith, F.J.      
L194 L/Cpl Smith, F.R.      
M607843 Rfn Smith, F.T.      
L27424 Rfn Smith, Fred Gray * #  
L74443 Rfn Smith, G.      
L107458 Rfn Smith, G.W.      
B75499 Rfn Smith, H.F. *    
B146803 Rfn Smith, H.L. *    
B43429 Rfn Smith, H.L. **    
L108460 Rfn Smith, H.R.      
M35398 Rfn Smith, H.T.      
K54590 Rfn Smith, Howard Wilbert +      
P7555 Rfn Smith, I.C.      
L106197 Rfn Smith, J.A. *    
F56410 Rfn Smith, K.N. *    
L533631 Rfn Smith, L.      
L102272 Rfn Smith, L.R.      
H69849 L/Sgt Smith, M.D.      
L27707 Rfn Smith, Mark Osborne      
L27378 Rfn Smith, Norman Cromar      
L609108 Rfn Smith, R.A.      
B95815 Cfn Smith, R.A. (RCEME)      
Lieut Smith, Raymond Robert  CCC * #  
L28009 Rfn Smith, Robert Cook * #  
K71593 Rfn Smith, Stuart Alfred + *    
K57093 L/Cpl Smith, T.H.      
H9543 Rfn Smith, W.      
F40027 Rfn Smith, W.A.      
M31571 Rfn Smith, W.A.   #  
K66835 Rfn Smith, William Adnett +   #  
L608085 Rfn Smud, P.      
L108169 Rfn Smuk, P. *    
L107809 Rfn Smutt, G.G. *    
L27692 Rfn Snell, Douglas Fairbanks      
L86930 Rfn Snell, R.      
L60788 Rfn Snider, H.I.      
K50753 Rfn Snow, Clifton Alexander + *    
F75658 Rfn Snyder, Charles Henry +      
L27240 Rfn Cpl Snyder, John Alexander  MID CdeG(France) * #  
L27258 Rfn Snyder, William James (William Benard?)      
L106821 Rfn Soderland, C.V.      
L106826 Rfn Soderland, F.E.      
L609610 Rfn Sokaluk, N. *    
L106870 Rfn Sokolan, N. *    
L108801 Rfn Solberg, H.M.      
L602998 Rfn Solomon, N.      
M100680 Rfn Soloniuk, P. *    
L28001 Rfn (Cpl) Soltys, Mike ** #  
H1169 Rfn Somers, F.D. *    
L27173 Rfn Somerset, David Wallace      
L28021 Rfn Somerville, Alfred J.  +                  !      
L27267 Rfn Cpl Sommerville, Gordon William  CCC * # Somerville
L74721 Rfn Sorba, N. *    
K54800 Rfn Sorenson, G.      
L609806 Rfn Sorenson, J.A.      
F78123 Rfn Soucy, R.A. * #  
L64438 Rfn Soulie, Reuben Raoul * #  
L27245 Rfn Souve, Alexander      
Lieut Spanier, J.A.      
B89054 Rfn Sparling, W.      
L27877 Rfn L/Cpl Speer, Arthur Evans      
L27096 Rfn Speers, Henry Stanton      
L103125 Rfn Spence, D.J.      
L67316 Rfn Spence, L.A. *    
L27417 Rfn Sgt Spencer, Douglas William      
K3577 Rfn Spencer, L.G.      
L603000 Rfn Spencer, N.G.      
L27873 Rfn Spenst, Arnold Franklin * #  
F43826 Rfn Spicer, R.W. *    
K51283 Rfn Spiers, R. *    
L464758 Rfn Spooner, A.J.      
M8616 Rfn Spring, J.K.      
L28041 Rfn Squire, Charles Duncan      
A117778 Rfn St. Cyr, E.J.      
L28292 Rfn St. Dennis, Alexander      
H103558 Rfn St. Lawrence, H.J. * #  
K62760 Rfn Stace-Smith, J.W.      
L102976 Rfn Stacey, T.W.      
L105317 Rfn Stack, James S. O. +      
Lieut Stafford, J.R. *    
L108614 Rfn Staines, F.J.      
H42172 Rfn Stairs, Reginald John + *    
M61032 Rfn Stalker, P. *    
L27720 Rfn Stallard, Thomas Nathan  +      
L67864 Rfn Stan, G.      
L607403 Rfn Stankov, L.      
L27931 Rfn Stanyer, Kenneth Christopher * #  
M104105 Rfn Starling, R. * #  
K4123 Rfn Startup, J. *    
L602515 Rfn Stauble, F.      
L27107 Rfn Staveley, Joseph Ernest      
M8105 Rfn Steadman, G.D. ***    
Lieut Stechishin, W.L.      
L607787 Rfn Steckler, P.      
L102476 Rfn Steeden, H.A.      
G44957 Rfn Steele, D.A.      
H/Capt Steele, J.L.      
C5684 Rfn Steele, T.J. **    
L604020 Rfn Steenbruggen, J.      
L154298 Rfn Stefaniuk, A. *    
L607256 Rfn Steffenson, A.H.      
L27415 Rfn Steinhauer, Edward      
L27762 Rfn L/Cpl (Sgt) Sten, Edward Carl * #  
L27651 Rfn Sten, Hans Holdar (RCASC) *    
L104932 Rfn Stene, E.O.        
L27068 Rfn Stephen, William Rose      
L27008 Rfn Stephens, Brynley   * #  
L84091 Rfn Stephens, James T. +      
M107111 Rfn Stephenson, H.J.      
L27754 Rfn Stephenson, John Byng      
L28233 Rfn Steppan, John      
L107765 Rfn Steppan, P. *    
K4580 Rfn Sterling, B.      
L27917 Rfn Sterling, Roy (T.R.?)      
L106285 Rfn Sterzer, M. **