The Regina Rifles in WW II

This site has been created to collect and disseminate information on the 1st Battalion, Regina Rifles (aka the Regina Johns) and the men who served with the unit in World War II.  While I am a member of the Regimental Association, this site is in no way associated with the Association or the Regiment itself.  It operates in a completely unofficial capacity.  The information included here is the result of my own research into the service of my great uncle, Rfn. Donald Morrison, who served with the unit in June and July 1944.  He was killed in action on 4 July 1944.  See the Dedication page for further details.

While the available regimental histories and other sources provide a good general review of the activities of the Johns, there is limited detail on individual soldiers.  Research on individuals typically requires access to either the National Archives in Ottawa, or the Provincial Archives in Regina.  Even then, this information tends to be fairly impersonal.  This site aims to make as much of this primary source information available on the web as possible, in hopes of aiding other family researchers and in time, to identify information from other sources.  In particular, surviving veterans are an important source of information on individuals who served with the unit.

If you are interested in the unit or are researching a Regina Rifle veteran, I hope that you find some of the information here or links to other sources valuable.  While my ability to provide research assistance is extremely limited, I would be happy to hear from other researchers via the Contact&Feedback page.

Kevin Lambie

Calgary, AB






2014 Battlefield Tour

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