Rfn. Donald Morrison                            Donald (R) and brother Neil

This site is dedicated to the memory of my great uncle, Rfn Donald Bintley Morrison, killed in action with the Reginas on 4 July, 1944.  Much of the information on this site is the result of my research into his service.  In the course of that research , I have had contact with many other people, including family members of other soldiers, who have many of the same questions that I have had.  In many cases, it can be difficult if not impossible to access the records and information necessary for such a search.  This site is an attempt to make some of that information more easily accessible for the Regina Rifles, as well as some of my experience and limited knowledge.  Hopefully it can help others in their research.

Donald's time with the Reginas was relatively short.  He arrived in France late in the day on 6 June, 1944 as part of the first group of reinforcements to replace D-Day casualties.  He was with the unit for just under one month, before being killed on 4 July.  I have little information about the circumstances of his death and what his role in the unit was.  This site reflects some of the sources I have accessed in trying to answer those questions.

While Donald made the ultimate sacrifice, he was joined in his service by eight brothers and one sister

Elmer D. Morrison

RCA, Canada


Neil A. Morrison

Sherbrooke Fusiliers, NW Europe


Angus A. Morrison

8th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, RCA, NW Europe


Jerome A. Morrison

20th Field Company, RCE, Canada


Monteith E. Morrison

6th Anti-Tank Regiment, RCA, NW Europe


Byron G. Morrison

#9 Aerodrome Defence Platoon, Canada


Vance E. Morrison

RCAF, Canada


Elizabeth E. Morrison

RCAF(WD), Newfoundland


Patrick V. Morrison

Undergoing Basic Training at end of hostilities