Casualty Lists

These lists are the two primary sources available listing casualties to the Battalion.  Most published Roll of Honour lists seem to rely on the CMHQ document.  Personal research with this document has revealed some errors (casualties who were in other units, questionable dates), and a comparison of the two documents reveals discrepancies in numbers.  In time, it is hoped that a consolidated casualty list can be generated to resolve as many of these discrepancies as possible.

Official CMHQ Casualty List

This list is derived from the official casualty list compiled by Canadian Military Headquarters in May 1945.

Battalion Casualty List (alphanumeric sort)            Battalion Casualty List (date sort)

These lists are derived from an alphabetized book apparently maintained by the Battalion, entitled 'List of Personnel Deceased, Missing, or Prisoners of War' and preserved with the War Diary at the Saskatchewan Archives Board in Regina.  While this list has the benefit of being recorded closest in time to the events, it appears that maintenance of this record effectively ceased at the end of hostilities.  A number of men listed as missing on these lists appear to have been subsequently released POW's, though that information was never updated in this record.  See notes included with these lists.