Nominal Roll

A complete roll of all those who served with 1st Battalion, Regina Rifles between 1 June 1940 and 7 November 1945.  This listing of 4280 men is as complete as possible from surviving records, though the possibility of minor errors or omissions cannot be ruled out.  There is other information associated with many of these names, but additional transcription is required to make this available on this site.

Data from 1941 to 1945 originally transcribed from Part II Orders by the Regimental Historian, Major (ret) D.G. Scott Calder, ED in 1962.  Preserved at the Saskatchewan Military Museum thanks to Major (ret) C. Keith Inches, CD.  Transcribed to digital format by Eleanor Swan.  Data from 1940 to 1941 compiled by Kevin Lambie.

Note that this roll has not been verified against other sources, so discrepancies are possible.

+ Indicates Killed in Action or Died in service, not necessarily with the Regina Rifles.

* Indicates Wounded

# Indicates landed on D-Day


Number Rank Name Wounded D-Day Notes
L106876 Rfn Aadland, Richard  +      
L603220 Rfn Abday, S.M.      
L27555 Rfn Abel, John James  +      
L106279 Rfn Abrahamson, D.R.      
L27784 Rfn Abtosway, James Victor      
L93660 Sgt Acaster, C.G.      
L100228 Rfn Ackerman, R.      
L64021 Rfn Acton, W.      
B16822 Rfn Adair, J.R.      
L27307 Rfn Adamoskie, Albert   #  
L106668 Rfn Adams, B.O.      
M34080 Rfn Adams, C.H. *    
B158289 Rfn Adams, D. **    
L67694 Rfn Adams, E.L.      
F52517 Rfn Adams, E.W. *    
L27005 Rfn Cpl Adams, Ernest Ronald (RCASC)   #  
L107404 Rfn Adams, H.C.S.      
L100759 Rfn L/Sgt Adams, Homer  MM   #  
L28042 Rfn Adams, James      
L27229 Rfn Sgt Adams, John * #  
M3634 Rfn Adams, R. *    
L27497 Rfn Adams, Robert (Bob)      
M52933 Rfn Ade, W.J.      
M1323 Rfn Adkins, W.J.      
L606554 Rfn Adolf, J.      
L13577 Rfn Sgt Adolph, Milton Eugene  MM * #  
L105319 Rfn Ahdemar, G.L.      
L105853 Rfn Ahl, R.J.      
H19627 Rfn Ainsley, L.L. *    
H195471 Rfn Ainslie, J.D.      
L465062 Rfn Aldag, E.      
L104975 Rfn Aldorfer E.P. * #  
L27252 Rfn Alexander, Edwin Alman      
L27449 Rfn Cpl Alexander, George Langstaff      
B115488 Rfn Allan, E.E.      
L27261 Rfn Allan, Richard John      
L28304 Rfn Allard, Emile George      
L28229 Rfn Allard, Francis Archibald      
L35342 Rfn Allard, H. *    
M12503 RQMS (WOII) Allard, H.J.      
L28258 Rfn Allen, Albert Alexander      
L27007 Rfn Sgt Allen, Alfred Benjamin * #  
F52803 Rfn Allen, R.L.      
L28345 Rfn Allgeier, Frank Joseph      
M30913 L/Cpl Allinot, Henry Knisley  +   #  
M17067 Rfn Allison, H.A.      
L2800 Rfn Alm, L.C. **    
M8179 Rfn Amsbaugh, O.C.      
L609650 Rfn Anaka, M.      
H8946 Rfn Anderson, A.N. **    
L27728 Rfn Anderson, Bern Bernhard       
L64242 Rfn Anderson, C.E.      
M17535 Rfn Anderson, C.N.      
L154442 Rfn Anderson, C.T.      
L74219 Rfn Anderson, E.G. *    
L65703 Rfn Anderson, H.K. * #  
L27373 Rfn Anderson, Harry Earl  +   #  
M103310 Sgt Anderson, I.W. *    
L27749 Rfn Anderson, Patrick Louie  +   #  
L27015 Rfn Cpl Anderson, Paul      
L27073 Rfn Anderson, Russell LeRoy      
L28359 Rfn Anderson, S.A. * #  
G60880 Rfn Anderson, S.E. *    
L27967 Rfn Anderson, Thomas Alfred      
L13521 Rfn Anderson, W.J.      
L28013 Rfn Anderson, William John      
B147208 Rfn Andress, C.G. *    
K390 Rfn Andrews, S.H.      
L27715 Rfn Andrews, William Francis      
H14452 Rfn Andrusko, S. *    
L154453 Rfn Angel, M.F.      
L154304 Rfn Angott, H.A. *    
L602813 Rfn Anhaliger, F.J.      
L27316 Rfn Sgt Antoine, John      
H204679 Rfn Antonson, K.M.      
L74600 Rfn Appleby, Floyd A.  + *    
L27668 Rfn Arcand, Albert      
L24004 Rfn Arcand, J.W.      
L27679 Rfn Arcand, Louis      
Lieut Archambault, J.G.P.      
Mr Archer, J.G. (CLWS Aux Service)      
L610842 Rfn Arens, D.W.      
L84595 L/Cpl Armbruster, Peter +   #  
L2571 Rfn Armsden, H.G.      
B118699 Rfn Armstrong, A.C.      
B134665 Rfn Armstrong, J.T. *    
M8354 Rfn Armstrong, N.V.      
L109269 Rfn Armstrong, R.S.      
L27691 Rfn Sgt Armstrong, Robert William      
L12853 Rfn Armstrong, W.      
L27753 Rfn CSM (L/Cpl) Armstrong, Walter Douglas  MM  + * #  
L27677 Rfn Sgt (Rfn) Arn, Herbert William  +   #  
C115541 Rfn Arney, Bazil Franklin +      
L28215 Rfn Arnold, Reginald Lloy      
L107974 Rfn Arnott, L.H.      
B149560 Rfn Arnott, T. *    
G19826 Rfn Arseneault, A.J.      
B111706 Rfn Ashby, G.F. *    
L36673 Rfn Ashby, L.F. *    
L27029 Rfn Ashley-Price, Frank      
L27052 Rfn Cpl Ashley-Price, George * #  
L27026 Rfn Ashley-Price, John      
L6091 Rfn Ashton, Eric Revall      
L22621 Rfn Ashton, W.E.      
L27804 Rfn Cpl (Cpl) Ashworth, James Robert  +   #  
B75109 Rfn Aspden, J. +      
L27859 Rfn Sgt Astles, Richard Charles      
A87210 Rfn Atherton, W.M.      
B142877 Rfn Atkins, T.B. *    
M31793 L/Cpl Atkinson, Charles Arthur + * #  
L27184 Rfn Atkinson, George Henry James      
L602320 Rfn Auger, B.      
L103126 Rfn Aune, L.A. *    
M58724 Rfn Babcock, H.C.      
M107494 Rfn Babeckis, Pius +      
F7177 Rfn Babin, Joseph Lawrence +      
L41245 Rfn Babington, M.R. *    
M8031 Rfn Babysh, Peter +      
L103683 Rfn Bachand, P.E.      
L608893 Rfn Bachman, F.      
L103791 Rfn Bachmann, Eddy +      
H20629 Rfn Bachnick, P. * #  
L532628 Rfn Backlund, W.P.      
B54269 Rfn Backstrome, H.E.      
M17573 Rfn Badham, D.      
A106757 Rfn Bagg, A.F. *    
L609276 Rfn Bahaler, L. *    
L27220 Rfn Bailey, Frederick Arthur ** #  
L27219 Rfn Bailey, Louis      
Rfn Cpl Lieut Bailey, Robert Edgar *   Enlisted as L27040
Rfn Cpl Lieut Bailey, William Richard     Enlisted as L27617
B98647 Rfn Baillie, A.F. *    
L155900 Rfn Bain, C.W.R.      
M105496 Rfn Bain, D.C. *    
L27737 Rfn Bain, Winnard George      
Lieut Maj Baird, John Gordon  DSO * #  
L27016 Rfn Baird, William Albert      
B149537 Rfn Baitz, D.W.      
M38076 Rfn Bak, W. *    
L106212 Rfn Baker, A.      
B119006 Rfn Baker, A.I. *    
K76381 Rfn Baker, A.R.F.      
L109273 Rfn Baker, G.W.      
L608285 Rfn Baker, J.      
B145924 Rfn Baker, L.E. *    
M104195 Rfn Bakken, B.A. **    
H602460 Rfn A/Cpl Balak, A.      
L27506 Rfn Balayewich, Joseph Paul      
K1225 Rfn Balcaen, L.J.      
L27809 Rfn Balch, George William      
L91705 Rfn Ball, H.R. *    
L608533 Rfn Ball, J.A.      
A88732 Cpl Ball, W.N.      
L27264 Rfn L/Cpl Ballendine, Benjamin Richard      
L27152 Rfn L/Sgt SgtMaj Ballendine, Edward Collin       
L27232 Rfn Ballendine, Frank Stanley      
L27241 Rfn Ballendine, Thomas George      
L53762 Rfn Ballentine, W.F.      
L27559 Rfn Ballentyne, Stanley Alexander      
A114028 Rfn Bamberger, H. **    
G4686 Rfn Banford, J.      
C1777 Rfn Banks, J.E. *    
L27975 Rfn Banyard, James Elliott      
L27597 Rfn Banyard, Leslie Francis ** #  
L106423 Rfn Baptist, L.O. *    
M104642 Rfn Baptist, S.A.      
C21453 Rfn Barbour, Robert John Carson +      
H103388 Rfn Barefoot, F.E.      
L106458 Rfn Barker, F.W. ** #  
L27204 Rfn Barkwell, Glen William      
L27970 Rfn Barley, Orville Wayne      
L107833 Rfn Barlow, F.R.      
L104317 Rfn Barlow, F.W.R.      
L154526 Rfn Barlow, R.P.      
L464766 Rfn Barman, A.A. *    
L28244 Rfn Barnes, Gordon Edward      
D12335 Rfn Barnes, L.F. *    
L27291 Rfn Barney, George * #  
L600156 Rfn Baron, L.J.      
A63205 Rfn Barr, P.F. *    
H17445 Rfn Barrett, Arthur Esmond +   #  
H45836 Rfn Barrett, F. * #  
A31341 Rfn Barrett, H.B. *    
Lieut Barrigar, J.C.      
C75534 Rfn Barringer, L.C. *    
L39159 Rfn Barrowman, R.M. *** #  
L28179 Rfn Bartel, Henry      
L27537 Rfn Cpl Bartley, Roy Ellison  MID ** #  
B119236 Rfn Barton, A.L. *    
L17041 Rfn Bassett, H.R. *    
L610161 Rfn Baszczuk, F.      
M102998 Rfn Bateman, J.C.      
L101107 Rfn Bates, G.W.H.      
L27672 Rfn Bather, Charles Wynn      
L27496 Rfn Bathgate, George James   #  
L27913 Rfn Batting, Charles Frederick      
L107959 Rfn Bauer, M.J.L. *    
L28262 Rfn Baum, Victor * #  
H16033 Rfn Baumann, Jacob Louie  CCC +   #  
K69456 Rfn Bautovich, S.S.      
L27838 Rfn L/Cpl Baxter, Melvin Scott      
A37634 Cpl Bean, Edward +      
L105453 Rfn Bear, I. * #  
L27034 Rfn Beaton, Alexander Richard      
L607678 Rfn Beattie, A.      
L102846 Cpl Beattie, A.G.      
K50581 Rfn Beatty, C.L.   #  
L27580 Rfn Beatty, Russell      
L28270 Rfn (L/Cpl) Beatty, Stewart   #  
L107246 Rfn Beaudoin, R.N.      
L27867 Rfn Beaudry, Joseph Oliver * #  
L27277 Rfn Beaulne, Ernest Albert      
L27734 Rfn Beaumont, Archie Alfred      
M31807 Rfn Beauregard, D.J. * #  
M106670 Rfn Beauregard, J.C.A. * #  
M30915 Rfn Beauregard, Wilfrid Joseph +   #  
L607364 Rfn Beausoliel, J.M.      
H7173 Rfn Bebee, Charles Wesley +   #  
K66787 L/Cpl Beblow, Nick + * #  
L27800 Rfn Beck, Thomas      
K1334 Rfn Beck, W.P.      
B4681 Rfn Beckett, G.R. *    
M60794 Rfn Beddington, F.G.      
M60679 Rfn Beddington, R.W. *    
L27542 Rfn Bedford, Robert Charles      
C77082 Rfn Beerman, R.G.T. *    
M610051 Rfn Beeton, W.R. (RCASC)      
Lieut Befus, E.      
L28348 Rfn Beisig, Leopold Herbert *** #  
L27814 Rfn Belanger, John George + ** #  
L27693 Rfn Belbin, Clifford Hoy * #  
L27698 Rfn Cpl Belbin, Leonard William      
Lieut Belisle, J.R.P.      
C36699 Rfn L/Cpl Belisle, L.J.F. *    
C36698 Rfn Belisle, L.P.      
L27589 Rfn Bell, Alexander      
L65634 Rfn Bell, G.B.L.      
H14427 Rfn Bell, G.D. *    
L74795 Rfn Bell, H.J. * #  
F57081 Rfn Bell, J.D. *    
M8628 Rfn Bell, John William      
L27842 Rfn Bell, Kennth Scott * #  
L54640 Rfn Bell, R.J. ** #  
B87262 Rfn Bell, W.F. *    
L27650 Rfn Bell, William David      
L74432 Rfn Bellamy, W.D.      
L27257 Rfn Bellanger, Alec      
L27483 Rfn Bellavance, Joseph Wilfred      
L104916 Rfn Bellegarde, E. * #  
L64684 Rfn Bellegarde, Maurice + * #  
L28236 Rfn Bellegarde, Vincent Joseph ** #  
K51142 Rfn Bellehumeur, O.J. *    
L64364 Cpl Belton, Francis E. + *    
L9662 Rfn Bender, J.J.      
B52134 Rfn Benner, E.R.      
M53414 Rfn Bennett, B.E. *    
H66439 Rfn Bennett, R.T. **    
L105311 Rfn Benson, C.H.      
K15876 Rfn Benson, H.W. *    
L27439 Rfn Bentley, John William * #  
L91552 Rfn Benton, F.E.      
L108088 Rfn Bentz, G.P.      
L104784 Rfn Berard, R.J.      
M65337 Rfn Berard, R.J.      
H18337 Rfn Berestiansky, W. *    
L102946 Rfn Berezowski, S.P. *    
L102485 Rfn Berg, J.      
L104703 Rfn Berger, F.M.      
L28326 Rfn Berger, Ralph      
Lieut Bergeron, Lorenzo  MC *    
L27613 Rfn (Sgt) Bergin, Kenneth Joseph   #  
L107140 Rfn Bergland, R.O.      
L105050 Rfn Berglund, L.B. **    
M31198 Rfn Berglund, W.L.      
M610202 Rfn Berkholtz, J.      
Lieut Bernard, J.G.L.      
L27847 Rfn Berner, Thomas Paul      
H8059 Rfn Bernier, N.B.A. (N.A.B.?)      
L603025 Rfn Beros, G.J.      
L466406 Rfn Beros, J.G.      
K51831 Rfn Berry, G.R.      
L109222 Rfn Berry, W.E.      
K1714 Rfn Berry, W.J. *    
L27752 Rfn Berthiaume, Robert Paul      
L607406 Rfn Bertolo, J.      
B26126 Rfn Bertram, R.N.      
B48170 Rfn Besito, I.C.      
H105042 Rfn Best, Edward Patrick  +      
L27739 Rfn Best, Fredrick Thomas  +   #  
L27249 Rfn Best, Philip * #  
L27539 Rfn Bettcher, Robert Richard      
L27783 Rfn Betteridge, George Martin      
L602527 Rfn Bevan, J.T.      
H1478 Rfn Bickford, Cyril Erick + **    
L464616 Rfn Bidaux, A.      
L27129 Rfn Biden, Glenford Lawrence      
L609007 Rfn Bieber, A.      
L608774 Rfn Bien, W.J.      
B76990 Cpl Biette, T.G.      
L27778 Rfn Biggar, William Nelson   #  
L27822 Rfn Biggs, George Thomas * #  
M33987 Pte Biglands, T. (RCASC)      
L27402 Rfn Billings, Lyle Elsworth      
K4764 Rfn Bilyk, G.      
H10127 Rfn Binder, H. ** #  
Lieut Binette, L.      
L27740 Rfn L/Sgt (RfnSSgt) Birban, Harry  +   #  
L27427 Rfn Birch, Manley Frank      
L27340 Rfn Bird, Ben      
L28058 Rfn Bird, Charles Warren ** #  
L27934 Rfn Bird, Charlie  +   #  
L100922 Rfn Bird, D.      
L27767 Rfn Bird, Louis Earl      
M7458 Rfn Birley, Harold Derek +      
L27114 Rfn Birmingham, Michael Joseph      
L106420 Rfn Bisschop, Joseph C. +      
L27441 Rfn Bissett, Kenneth C. (signaller) * #  
L27361 Rfn Bjerre, Dick Vagn      
L27552 Rfn Cpl Black, Alexander Lambie      
B107581 Rfn Black, Andrew James + *    
L27175 Rfn Black, Douglas James      
Lieut Black, G.      
L64556 Rfn Black, N.D.      
L1392 Rfn Black, R. *    
L155542 Rfn Black, R.C.      
F82651 Rfn Blacquiere, J.L. ***    
L27709 Rfn Blades, Ralph Ernest * #  
Lieut Blahey, W.M. *    
L28307 Rfn Blahovich, John      
L64235 Rfn Blahut, H.   #  
H14571 Rfn Blair, A.J. ****    
Lieut Blair, W.H.      
L104007 Rfn Blais, Raymond H. +                    !      
D71616 Rfn (Pte) Blanchette, H.A.      
L27414 Rfn Sgt Blashill, Alfred Lawrence *    
L610292 Rfn Blazuko, F.      
L609774 Rfn Blixrud, W.M. *    
L28169 Rfn Blomberg, Eli Alvin      
L100534 Rfn Blondeau, Anthony W. +   #  
L74441 Rfn Bloomfield, S.      
L602945 Rfn Bloor, Charles      
M602383 Rfn Blumhagen, A.V.      
H7248 Rfn Bobren, M. * #  
L107866 Pte Bocchler, E.J.      
H9240 Rfn Bockus, R.      
L106302 Rfn Bodie, J.A.      
M53110 Rfn Bodnar, T.      
M65520 Rfn Bodnarchuk, M. ** #  
L103878 Rfn Boe, F.E.      
L74439 Rfn Boehm, Joseph +      
L105693 Rfn Bogdanski, D.      
L532697 Rfn Bohl, E.      
L107723 Rfn Boisvert, A.I.      
L64502 Rfn Bokitch, Michael J. +      
L27817 Rfn Bolan, Morris Vaughn   #  
L600304 Rfn Bolen, M.      
L109290 Rfn Bolton, M.C. *    
A106068 Rfn Boltz, C.F.      
L27123 Rfn Bond, Douglas Alexander * #  
Major Bone, Edward Robert      
B63145 Rfn Bonham, P.G. *    
L27620 Rfn Bonk, Joseph      
B58482 Rfn Bonneville, J.P. (RCEME)      
L8989 Rfn Bonville, Andrew +   #  
L28266 Rfn Bonville, Rosario      
H17273 Rfn Bonwick, H.W.      
L102524 Rfn Borley, C.L. * #  
H42243 Rfn Borne, Cecil Murray +   #  
L27648 Rfn Bornyk, Michael Peter      
L27690 Rfn Borthwick, John      
L609486 Rfn Bosch, F.      
C75046 Rfn Bosley, J.A. *    
L105249 Rfn Boswell, R.J.      
L106064 Rfn Bourassa, A.A. *    
L107470 Rfn Bouree, E.A.      
K48284 Rfn Bourgeois, Eugene Cache +      
K54832 Rfn Bourjeois, W.D. *    
L28374 Rfn Bourne, Percy      
H9940 Rfn Bourns, C. **    
F64778 Rfn Bourque, L.A. **    
L105491 Rfn Boutin, R.A.J. **    
M7546 Rfn Boutland, C.W. **    
B145396 Rfn Bovin, Eugene J. +      
L27936 Rfn Bowie, George Alexander ***    
L27214 Rfn Bowie, Hugh John      
Lieut Bowler, N.D.      
H1909 Rfn Bowman, John ** #  
L607678 Rfn Bowner, K.R.      
H9940 Rfn Bowns, C.      
L27355 Rfn Boxall, Gilbert Donald  +   #  
K40155 Rfn Boyd, M.R.      
M62340 Rfn Boyer, J.P.   #  
L607730 Rfn Boyko, G.      
D142211 Rfn Boynton, G.A. **    
L28331 Rfn Bozeck, Julian Paul      
L609044 Rfn Bozzard, V.C.      
M31743 Rfn Braaten, Bert Julien +   #  
A87134 Rfn Bradbury, L.H.      
P4606 Rfn Braden, William H. +      
K51634 Rfn Bradford, C.C. *    
K54818 Rfn Bramhall, A.H.      
L18275 Rfn Brand, E.      
L465170 Rfn Brandt, H.W.      
M611115 Rfn Branstrom, O.M.      
M30869 Rfn Branton, Gordon +   #  
M31013 Rfn Branton, Ronald +   #  
C118625 Rfn Brash, H.V. *    
L28035 Rfn Brass, George Leslie      
L105125 Rfn Braun, A.      
M31641 L/Cpl Braunt, John Allan +   #  
L27190 Rfn Braybrook, Frederick George      
L54889 Rfn Breer, E.H. **    
M607848 Rfn Brehmer, M.K.      
L609293 Rfn Brenner, F.      
L28342 Rfn Brenner, John Avery      
B137917 Rfn Bressette, Ross Bernard +      
L27710 Rfn Cpl (Rfn) Brewer, William Donald  +   #  
E100154 Rfn Briand, C. *    
K92058 Rfn Bridges, Llewellyn Lewis +      
L28209 Rfn Bright, George Martin      
L27748 Rfn Brightwell, Russell Harry  +      
L27892 Rfn Briscoe, Gordon Leslie * #  
K1598 Rfn Britch, W. *    
L27848 Rfn A/Cpl Britten, Ronald Wellington (RCEME)(RCOC) MID   #  
G17423 Rfn Broad, E.E. *    
H41081 Cpl Broadbent, W. (Aux Serv)      
L28373 Rfn (Sgt) Brockman, Raymond Edward  *    
M51500 Rfn L/Cpl Broda, A.      
C65662 Rfn Bromell, H.F. *    
L602949 Rfn Brondis, W.T.      
H9800 Rfn Brooks, C.J. **    
H26385 Rfn Brooks, George Charles      
M37967 Rfn Broski, M.P.      
H1845 Rfn Broten, K.O.      
H10811 Rfn Brown, A. **    
L100043 Rfn Sgt Brown, A.D. * #  
K1520 Rfn Brown, C.R. *    
L13516 Rfn Brown, Charles H. +   #  
L28241 Rfn Brown, Claude Donald * #  
Lieut  LtCol Brown, Douglas Gordon  DSO MID Bronze Lion(Holland) ** #  
L54889 Rfn Brown, G. *    
C30329 Rfn Brown, G.D. **    
L27155 Rfn Brown, Howard John Straith      
B116033 Rfn Brown, J.      
L601341 Rfn Brown, J.      
L104052 Rfn Brown, J.A. * #  
L9294 Rfn Brown, J.E.      
L27082 Rfn Brown, James      
L27049 Rfn Brown, James Allan      
L27658 Rfn Brown, John Albert      
L27210 Rfn Brown, John Gordon (Gordon John?)      
H40715 A/Cpl Brown, L. (Aux Serv)      
L155926 Rfn A/Cpl Brown, L.G.      
L27700 Rfn Brown, Ralph Duncan      
L27032 Rfn Brown, Stanley   #  
L27057 Rfn Brown, Stanley Walter Charles      
M105378 Cpl Brown, T.      
L101338 Rfn Brown, W. *    
H9233 Rfn Brown, W.J. * #  
L27436 Rfn Cpl Browning, Alfred Ernest      
K2069 Rfn Brownjohn, R.W.      
C121647 Rfn Brownlee, James Alexander +      
L55211 Rfn L/Cpl Brownlee, R.B.M.      
L36430 Pte (Cfn) Brownsell, A.J. (RCOC)(RCEME)   #  
M28792 Rfn Bruce, R.A.      
L27474 Rfn Bruch, Henry Adam      
M106107 Rfn Bruchkowsky, P. *    
Lieut Brundige, J.J. *    
L27954 Rfn L/Cpl Brunelle Wilfred Joseph Henry (RCEME)(RCOC) * #  
L19808 Rfn Brunelle, L.J.G.      
K54761 Rfn Bruner, M.      
L27324 Rfn Brunning, Harold Albert      
L27960 Rfn Brunning, Louis Gerald  +   #  
L27802 Rfn Brunskill, John (RCASC)      
L27761 Rfn Bryce, James      
L601925 Rfn Bryksa, Steve +      
L28246 Rfn Bubish, Michael      
L28313 Rfn Buburuz, George Ignat      
H17307 Rfn Buchanan, A.M. *    
L37116 L/Cpl Buchanan, F.M.      
H7063 Rfn Buchholz, O.E.      
L51378 Rfn Buckosky, S.   #  
Lieut Buckwold, S.C.      
L27480 Rfn Budd, Walter James      
L103319 Rfn Budz, N. *    
M105378 Rfn Budzinski, M.      
C38408 Rfn Buell, E.J. *    
L27488 Rfn Buesking, Clifford Bayles      
L27090 Rfn Bulbeck, George Edward      
L27089 Rfn Bullock, Charles Arnold      
Lieut Bulmer, Norman Cyril  +      
H103106 Rfn Bumstead, H.W. *    
M102544 Rfn Bunbury, L.J. (RCEME)      
B144754 Rfn Bunyan, J.D. *    
G1923 Rfn Buote, P. *    
F57791 Rfn Burbridge, R.W. *    
M62058 Rfn Burchak, E.      
Lieut Burge, T.A.      
L27181 Rfn Cpl Burgess, Ross Gilbert * #  
L27473 Rfn Sgt Burgess, William George      
L28170 Rfn Burghardt, Carl      
L27389 Rfn Burke, Fred Edmund      
F35576 Rfn Burke, J.J. *    
C121951 Rfn Burke, L.E. *    
H20579 Rfn Burnett, G.A. ** #  
L27704 Rfn Burnett, William James Donald * #  
L27670 Rfn Burns, Edgar John  +   #  
L27657 Rfn Burns, Robert James      
L27103 Rfn Burnside, Charles William      
L103877 Rfn Burton, J.W. *    
Lieut Burton, W.D.      
L27991 Rfn Burton, William James * #  
L108063 Rfn Busch, A.P.      
A117311 Rfn Buschemeyer, C.R.      
L22633 Rfn Buschta, Julian (signaller)  CdeG(Belgium)   #  
B39235 Sgt Buss, H.      
L84012 Sgt Butcher, A.T.      
H1816 Rfn Butler, C.E. *    
B64791 Rfn Butler, J.E. *    
L27487 Rfn (L/Cpl) Butler, John Hilliard Noel  +   #  
M7686 Rfn Butlin, E.J. **    
K57059 Sgt Butt, H.M. *    
L28061 Rfn Butz, Charles Jacob      
L28193 Rfn Buzak, Andrew      
L74377 Rfn Byhre, N.L.      
L27409 Rfn Byzick, John  MID * #  
L27629 Rfn Café, Robert George Francis * #  
L28040 Rfn Caine, Thomas Hamilton      
L28337 Rfn Cairns, Douglas N. * #  
L25464 Rfn Cairns, F.J.      
M7588 Rfn Cairns, G.B.      
L13533 Rfn Cairns, Ivan * #  
L28312 Rfn Cairns, William James      
L27111 Rfn Calder, Earl Campbell      
K46966 Rfn Caldwell, T.W.      
C121557 Rfn Callaghan, J.L.L. *    
M105086 Rfn Callihoo, P.P. **    
L23020 Rfn Cameron, A.      
L86732 Rfn Cameron, D.St.E      
L28164 Rfn Cameron, Edmund Stanley      
L66287 Rfn Cameron, J.A. * #  
Lieut Cameron, J.D.      
M101942 Cpl Cameron, J.J.      
L27021 Rfn Cameron, Marshall Pat      
B117099 Rfn Cameron, Oswald Edmund +      
L27156 Rfn Cameron, Robert      
L11285 Rfn Campbell, A. *    
L27853 Rfn (Sgt) Campbell, Allan Gilmour * #  
H14257 Rfn Campbell, C.F.      
L27724 Cpl Campbell, Cecil Roy      
L27301 Rfn Sgt Campbell, Clifford Russell      
L27527 Rfn Campbell, Colin Howard      
L106721 Rfn Campbell, F.L. *    
L27038 Rfn Campbell, Harry Wilfred   #  
L12023 CQMS Campbell, I.W.      
M31828 Rfn Campbell, J.      
M102451 Cpl Campbell, J.A. * #  
L28325 Rfn Campbell, James Arnold      
L27364 Rfn Campbell, James Arthur      
L27941 Rfn Cpl Campbell, Joseph Howard  MM      
2/Lieut Campbell, Ken E.      
L105024 Rfn Campbell, Russell J. +   #  
L27009 Rfn A/Cpl Campbell, Victor James      
D92051 Rfn Canadian, J.      
L27995 Rfn Canham, Ralph Stanley