Below is a list of all awards made to the Regina Rifles for which documentation exists, with links to all available citations.  Where possible, the date and location of the action are included, along with the fate of the man named.  Attempts have been made to verify ranks at the time awards were made, but this is difficult in a number of cases.

* Citations indicated used with permission from 'Courage and Service - Second World War Awards to Canadians', by John Blatherwick and Hugh Halliday.  Published by Service Publications, Ottawa, ON, 2004.

The Distinguished Service Order (DSO)

Major J. G. Baird *

Major D. G. Brown

Lieut Col A. S. Gregory *

Lieut Col F. M. Matheson *

Major L. V. McGurran

Lieut Col R. J. Orr

Major C. S. T. Tubb

The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, Member (MBE)

WO I (RSM) H. Denham *, MM

Major G. E. Rouatt *

Capt N. D. McDonald

WO I (RSM) T. W. Sharp *

WO II (CSM) J. Walker *

The Military Cross (MC)

Capt L. Bergeron

Capt W. D. Grayson

Capt W. S. Huckvale (RCAMC)

Capt G. M. Jamieson (CCS)

Capt W. L. Keating *

Major J. I. Nicholson

Major H. S. Roberts

The Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM)

Rfn S. J. Letendre

The Military Medal (MM)

L/Cpl H. Adams

Sjt M. E. Adolph *

WO II (CSM) W. D. Armstrong (KIA)

WO II (CSM) B. A. Currie

L/Cpl D. G. Ekman

Rfn J. D. Innes

Rfn O. A. Johnson

Sjt G. R. Langton *

Rfn J. E. Lapointe *

Sjt V. C. Mahan

Rfn C. H. Moorhead

Sjt W. J. Shaw *

WO II (CSM) E. S. Tenklei * (KIA)

Sjt L. M. Young

Bar to the Military Medal (MM)

Sjt E. M. Evoy

The British Empire Medal (BEM), Military Division

Sjt G. J. Gardiner

Mentioned in Dispatches (MiD)

Sjt R. E. Bartley

Sjt R. W. Britten (RCEME)

Major D. G. Brown

Rfn J. Byzick

Major M. R. Douglas

WO I (RSM) W.A. Edwards

Cpl R. L. Fortner

Capt E. L. Fowle

Lieut Col A. S. Gregory

Sjt W. N. Hicks (DOW)

Lieut Col D. C. Howat

Sjt A. H. James (KIA)

WO II (CQMS) J. S. Jean

A/Cpl C.R. Kelly

Sjt L. G. Klughart

Capt E. C. Luxton

WO II (CSM) J. A. Nelson (KIA)

A/Cpl P. Osachuk

Cpl W. Ritchie (KIA)

Cpl W.J. Shaw

Capt R. G. Shinnan (KIA)

A/WO II (CSM) J. A. Snyder

A/Cpl MJ Undseth

Commander-in-Chief's Certificate (CCC)

Presented by the C-in-C 21 Army Group for outstanding good service by officers and other ranks of 21 Army Group who have not been recommended for decorations, commendations or mentions-in-dispatches.  Personnel may be recommended for gallantry or for outstanding good service.  Certificates may be awarded posthumously.  Citations are not required.

Rfn J. L. Bauman (KIA)

Major G. A. Cooper

Rfn A. M. Dahlen

Cpl R. A. Drinnan

Major L. K. Gass (KIA)

Capt A. C. V. Hall

Cpl A.T. Hickey (KIA)

Rfn M. Kotylak

WO II (RQMS) F. Proctor

Capt H. S. Roberts

Lieut R. R. Smith

Sjt G. W. Somerville

Sjt H. W. Taylor

A/WO II (CSM) E. S. Tenklei (KIA)

Croix de Guerre (France) with Vermillion Star

Capt J. C. Treleaven

Croix de Guerre (France) with Silver Star

WO II (CSM) J. A. Snyder

Croix de Guerre (France) with Bronze Star

Sjt W. H. Edwards

Chevalier of the Order of the Crown with Palm and Croix de Guerre 1940 with Palm (Belgium)

Major M. R. Douglas *

Croix de Guerre 1940 with Palm (Belgium)

Rfn J. Buschta

A/Sjt H. Dreaver

Sjt L. G. Klughart *

Sjt H. W. Taylor

Bronze Lion (Holland)

Major D. G. Brown *

Bronze Cross (Holland)

WO I (RSM) W. A. Edwards *

Cpl C. Gugins *

L/Sjt A.J. Mishak *

Capt J. S. Nelles *

Rfn O.F. Walsh *